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Message started by John_Morris on Apr 13th, 2002 at 8:43pm

Title: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by John_Morris on Apr 13th, 2002 at 8:43pm
I read with interest in the Recorder about the various problems which beset
Riddlesdown. Can I start with a pat on the back to whoever has been behind getting
rid of graffiti.....at least it seems to be far less than it was.

The matter of roads clogged with parked cars is a knotty one and could become
more so if 'park and ride' becomes more of a necessity. It is no longer easy to drive
in roads such as Brancaster Lane, Coombe Wood Hill, Lower Barn Road and so
on; these have become reduced to a single lane and much stopping
and starting is involved in making progress along them. There is, however, a very
simple remedy which has been used in other roads in the borough where commuter
parking had become a nuisance; these measures have been greeted with rapture by
the residents. I would cite a particular case. Reddown Road and Fairdene Road in
Coulsdon were commuter carparks until the measure of introducing a parking ban
between 11 am and 12 pm. By banning parking for just one hour during the day, the
daily invasion of cars whose drivers were using Coulsdon South station was done
away with.

Could not this measure be adopted in the roads around Riddlesdown station I
wonder? I'm sure that residents would welcome it and, as the great majority of
houses in the vicinity of the station have garages and/or driveways, there should be no
danger of residents themselves being penalised. At least such a measure would restore these
roads to their proper use - i.e. as roads and not car parks.

The growing problem of mobile phone masts proliferating will be ever with us I fear.
It would be a great pity if Riddlesdown is spoiled by such things. The Orange mast
serves quite a wide area; if only other mobile phone companies could share the
facility it would at least save a forest of little ones appearing! A mast at the tennis
club could, surely, serve only a tiny area; it would be interesting to know just how
many mobile phone users would benefit - I suspect not many. Yes, I've got a
mobile...yes, it's Orange...lucky me! Sharing the Orange mast would surely satisfy
most demand I'd have thought.

Just one more thing. It is very alarming to see just how much traffic blithely ignores
the speed limit in Mitchley Avenue. Negotiating one's way out of the drive into the
road is fraught with more danger than should be necessary. One day there's going to
be a nasty accident, and if it were to involve any of the vast number of large vehicles
whose drivers seem to think that Mitchley Avenue is some sort of race-track, then
an accident could be very serious. Cameras...road humps...something. I bet the
residents would welcome some effective calming measures.

John Morris

Title: Re: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by Nick Bygrave on Apr 16th, 2002 at 6:06pm
Hi John
Re the parking problems, this idea (ie 11.00 to 12.00 restriction) is already under consideration, we hear, although we don't know how likely it is to happen, or when. We are trying to push it too as it could be a good scheme. Brian Longman writes about the Controlled Parking Zone in his Recorder Commentary,  without explicitly mentioning the idea as it is in doubt. As he says, the Council intends to consult residents, so as many people as possible need to bend their ears when this happens.

You probably read in Brian's commentary that he has been trying to get the phone companies to share the mast up by the school. We are waiting to see if they can agree on some arrangement. There is a conversation thread about it and other matters proceeding on the website Message Board.

The RRA has been pushing for speed restrictions of one sort or another for a long time. Unfortunately we (the area) are not high on the priority list compared to some other borough roads which have had fatalities that cause urgent action. Mitchley Avenue traffic is one of the most frequently mentioned problems that are referred to us.

Nick Bygrave

Title: Re: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by Olver on Apr 17th, 2002 at 12:28pm
I can't work out how to post messages, so this has to be a reply!

I'm fascinated by the comment in the Recorder that it doesn't take much work to keep the verges intact. Please let me into the secret!  After three years of research I'm currently pursuing two lines - the use of stones to support the weight of vehicles so they don't churn all the grass into mud, and the use of couch grass to bind the verge and create a permanent mat. Trouble with stones, you start with a nice rounded flint but if it splits you have sharp edges - I suppose I shouldn't actually be slashing people's tyres.

Speeding on Mitchley Avenue would be nicely controlled (and the verges preserved) if everyone parked on the road. Unfortunately people tend to do this for a while and then, when someone crashes into their parked car, they revert to the verges.

Alternatively, I suppose we could just accept that communities aren't as important as drivers and that 30 m.p.h. really is a minimum, not a maximum (with 10 m.p.h. added for every three hours between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.)

I'm a newcomer (when I was young, Mitchley Avenue was just the route a neighbour used to get a carload of us kids to New Addington swimming-pool and the junction with Rectory Park Road was known only as the spot where a friend crashed her bike and got concussed) so I don't really have any right to grouse.  Good things about Mitchley Avenue - the numbers of people who keep picking up the litter!! - the fact that you still do have grass verges and cherry trees, despite being designated an "A" road - and the general air of friendliness.

Two legal queries that have intrigued me for some time:

a)  Why, when our house deeds are full of restrictive covenants regulating the height of hedges, forbidding chicken coops, controlling the positioning of radio aerials and banning all advertising from properties on the Laing estates, do we get illuminated adverts at the bus stops?

b)  How come the house at the top of Riddlesdown Road appears to have taken a bite out of the (extremely ancient) highway/footpath?  There's a little brick wall enclosing a triangle where the drive comes out - it's been there quite a while, evidently, so maybe the time limit for reclaiming is long past and anyway I presume there's a good reason why it's there. Can anyone enlighten me?

Sorry I used such a peculiar identifier - I wasn't sure how the system would work. For those who know and haven't identified the drivel already, I'm Frances from Mitchley Avenue.

Title: Re: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by martin on Apr 26th, 2002 at 4:52pm
Hi this is my first message on the website. I am fairly new to the area and appreciate the efforts of the RRA as previously I have lived in an area without a residents association. The difference is noticeable!

While on the subject of life, the universe and everything, I notice that Purley is looking increasingly rundown, shops seem to be closing down/relocating on a regular basis and there is quite a lot of vandalism, it feels like it has been taken over by grafitti "artists". Has anybody heard of any regeneration projects for Purley? Is this outside the remit of RRA discussions or will this be a topic discussed during the RRA AGM?

Title: Re: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by Nick Bygrave on Apr 26th, 2002 at 6:33pm
Yes, there are plans in early stages of discussion. There are a number of Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP) being set up by the Council in association with local bodies and residents to get everyone to contribute to ideas for each neighbourhood. Purley and Kenley is covered by one of them, Sanderstead, Selsdon and Croham by another (See our main website for more details.)
There are minutes recorded there for the latter NP. Minutes of the last Purley & Kenley NP should be included sometime soon.They should come up at the next AGM but, if it does not, you should be able to bring it up as a question there. Councillor Andrew Pelling is attending and is taking questions.
From the RRA's point of view, we probably tend towards the Sanderstead and Selsdon NP as being closer to our interests, but we are trying to take an interest in both.

Nick Bygrave

Title: Re: Life, The Universe and Everything
Post by Brendan on Apr 28th, 2002 at 9:22pm
Parking of non - residents' vehicles in the roads around Riddlesdown station is becoming a serious problem. It is necessary to tell the council to act and act now. Beware the one hour wonder as you could end up being shot in the foot ; preventing parking outside your own house without considerable inconvenience. Residents' parking permits should be made available for the local people so affected. Based on central London rates 50 / annum would I believe be acceptable. I live in Riddlesdown Avenue.

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