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Message started by TrueLies on Mar 3rd, 2003 at 10:59pm

Title: The new look Brighton Road ....
Post by TrueLies on Mar 3rd, 2003 at 10:59pm
How many of these signs are the Council going to erect?


The only bus lane enforcement cameras i've seen are on the small stretch northbound outside the school (forgot the name) in South Croydon. Judging by the number of signs displayed in both directions now, I reckon we're not far away from a huge bus lane stretch in both directions with absolutely no parking for the local shops (some could argue there's legally none now what with the cycle network route).

Anyone offering bets on when Croydon Council will introduce Congestion charging by?


Title: Re: The new look Brighton Road ....
Post by Nick Bygrave on Mar 5th, 2003 at 8:46am
No bets from me. Its got to be a dead cert that Croydon will bring in  congestion charging, followed by closure of all carparks, cars allowed only at night, 10 ft wide bicycle lanes, 3mph speed limits, red flags.

Nick Bygrave

Title: Re: The new look Brighton Road ....
Post by Phil_Thomas on Mar 6th, 2003 at 6:00pm
I have already spoken to the Council about the misleading wording of these signs. Basically they are parking enforcement cameras (which I think the wording should reflect this) and if you make the mistake of parking on the yellow lines between 7am and 7 pm you are liable to be issued with a parking ticket by post. They are already in force in a number of roads within the Borough ie South End, Dingwall Avenue, Whitehorse Road and Portland Road and were principally for double yellow line offences. However they now seemed to have progressed to single yellows. Although it appears the cameras are not working at present I'm sure they soon will be. BE  WARNED !!!!!
I had the misfortune to have an RTA in South End recently and I wanted evidence to support my case. But guess what, when I contacted the Council, they were looking to boost their revenue with parking enforcement and not traffic monitoring or street crime!!!

Title: Re: The new look Brighton Road ....
Post by TrueLies on Mar 18th, 2003 at 11:06am
Well, that didn't take long ...


"Croydon Council are considering becoming a congestion charging "satellite zone", which would see motorists charged for entering the town centre at peak times.

A 5 congestion charge was introduced in central London last month, and Transport for London are to meet borough council officials to discuss introducing mini-zones to reduce congestion and pollution in borough town centres..... "

Title: Re: The new look Brighton Road ....
Post by swinglow on Mar 27th, 2003 at 3:36am
It makes you think what you pay road tax for !!!! if they start doing this chargeing like in london in all town centres if in that case question has to be asked what are people paying road tax for ???? to use the country lanes and motorways!!!!!!.In london i can understand but bringing it into croydon is stupid croydon is busy with traffic but not that much to introduce a chargeing zone its croydon council that can`t afford to pay for a childrens playground in riddlesdown but they are thinking on setting up chargeing zone which will involve more cameras more staffing cost hitecch gear which will cost much more then 60000 LOL !!! i wonder if the up charge in council tax is going to be spent on this stupid money grabing idea

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