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Message started by John_B on Oct 14th, 2003 at 2:32pm

Title: Riddlesdown in the war
Post by John_B on Oct 14th, 2003 at 2:32pm
Hi i know im new to this site but i was wundrin if anybody knows any good websites about riddlesdown during the 2nd world war as i am conducting some research into the topic. Id really appreciate any help that any one can offer, thanx.

Title: Re: Riddlesdown in the war
Post by Nick Bygrave on Oct 15th, 2003 at 6:22pm
There is not a lot of recorded history about wartime Riddlesdown unfortunately. You can try the Bourne Society who publish the odd article about the area. They have a website.
The RRA archive in Croydon Library is mainly made up of fairly dry minutes. I have put two of the more interesting pages on the website (on the Riddlesdown Then page) - one concerns the possible view of German pilots that Westfield Avenue was a landing strip and hence worthy of a few more bombs than usual.
Perhaps some of our older residents who lived here at the time might see this and reply to you.
You can if you like send me (the Editor) a short letter asking for wartime information which I will include in the next Riddlesdown Recorder (out next April). This might bring forth some facts and reminiscences.
Nick Bygrave

Title: Re: Riddlesdown in the war
Post by Trevor on Oct 31st, 2003 at 9:29pm
the lady over the road from me was born there sixty something years ago and has lived there all her life - she often tells me about the doodlebug that got the houses a couple of doors down and the german POWs on the farm (now the school). she has some old photos of riddlesdown back then and knows the names of all the houses etc

she's more than happy to talk about the old days. if you can send me your name/address/phone etc, i'll pass it on to her

Title: Re: Riddlesdown in the war
Post by Nick Bygrave on Nov 2nd, 2003 at 9:41am
I would like to talk to your neighbour myself. Can you pass on my numner 8660 0787
Nick Bygrave

Title: Re: Riddlesdown in the war
Post by andyfettes on May 16th, 2004 at 9:00pm
This topic has really got me interested as I have just posted my 1st message about mitchley woods and the war so maybe the rumour of the bombs being dropped along the woods maybe true as its in sight of westfield avenue.
There is a large crater on the left of the main path as you walk parrallel to Holmwood avenue, all the trees that have grown in the crater are not as large as the surrounding ones.
what about the theory of the old mound at the start of dunmail drive where the scout hut lane leads off, being dirt kicked up from a bomb drop, this has now been removed recently. there is also a large hole at the end of the path at the very bottom of Holmwood avenue which we, as kids, were told it was called the bomb hole.
such a shame that kids these days dont get the oppertunity as I did to play in those woods so freely.

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