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Message started by JohnXMartin on Nov 30th, 2004 at 6:32pm

Title: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by JohnXMartin on Nov 30th, 2004 at 6:32pm
Anybody seen badgers, deer, bats, glowworms or any other wildlife locally ?

Although the message board has already raised the issue of urban foxes living around Riddlesdown, there is apparently a wide variety of other wildlife in the area.  Apparently there are some deer locally and we have had reports of deer and their fawns on the White Path and moving around the area.  There have been reports of badgers moving around Riddlesdown gardens and also digging themselves in under sheds, etc.   It would be interesting to find out what wildlife lives in and moves around the area and to get some feedback and thoughts from other residents.

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Tricia Evemy on Dec 1st, 2004 at 4:28pm
My family and I have certainly seen the Deer Family. It started with one deer about 3 years ago and last year we saw the 3 of them looking for food in the  hedgerows in the top field by the school. Recently when my partner and daughter were taking some friends to feed the horse in Mitchley Hill a deer ran across the road , after appearing to look both ways before he did it !.
We have plenty of foxes in the garden
Unfortunately to date the only badger I have seen was one that had sadly been hit by a car in derwent drive, but they are obviously around.

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Trevor on Dec 8th, 2004 at 1:19pm
yes, i've seen badgers in the alleyway near the station - walk up there late at night
also seen grass snakes up there

the people that manage the common know a lot about the wildlife on the common - when we did the tractor ride at the riddlesdown summer fair a couple of years back, they told us there were wild deer on the common - not many, but they turn up from time to time

why not pop into the "keepers office" or whatever it's called on the common - come in at the  riddlesdown road entrance and turn right (downhill) - it's down there somewhere - no idea when it's open, but maybe opening times are posted there - if it is open, someone is bound to be able to tell you everything you need to know

(and if you're off hunting, please can you get me some venison?? :)

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Riddlesdown Family on Feb 12th, 2006 at 9:49pm
We have seen the deer at various times (mainly morning and evenings), running around the farmers fields and the whitepath and the old "horsefield" area - its lovely to have them in the area !

We also have a family of badgers which appear to have moved into our garden - yes with a baby badger !  The lawn has been rather dug up, but its such a priviledge to see these animals "close up" and have them living under our shed, its a small price to pay !  We do not feed them or encourage them at all but they are obviously just in the area.  We are not initially from this area and are from countryside backgrounds, where we never previously saw badgers (apart from dead ones in the road!) so we were stunned to see first one, then more in our garden here in Riddlesdown.  We are so lucky here to have the variety of wildlife and the downland.  We have seen woodpeckers, foxes and foxcubs in abundance, even had a hedgehog siting and now badgers - as well as the deer locally (not to mention glowworms on the common!).

If you want to see Foxes - go on the common at first light in the spring - you will see loads !

Its really sad that the horses field seems to have "gone" and frightening that its been marked up and people are trying to build on this land in this unique area.  The local schoolchildren and resident are trying to make new wildlife walks and encourage appreciation of the area but some unscrupulous people seem determined to try and destroy the local beauty here!

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by kingsize on Jan 23rd, 2007 at 7:46pm
I have seen the family of deer in the woods on lower barn road.

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Dellibelli on Feb 10th, 2007 at 9:37am
Yes, deer are very common now. I have seen in the last few months, one deer opposite the car park on Riddlesdown about 11am in the morning. I was surprised that it dared to venture so close because of the recent increase in unruly dogs and there owners.  I also saw the the deer family in the fields next to Dunmail Drive. I have lived here for 37 years but have never seen deer before. A friend of mine who lives near Kenley Aerodrome apparantely gets deer in his garden all the time and was not surprised when I mentioned this to him. Apparantley, the deer carry ticks and he advises that you should check any pets and young children after they have been playing on the commons. The ticks latch on to clothing or fur and can carry Lymes disease.

Where have these deer come from? Could they have escaped from a local deer farm.

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Paula on Apr 12th, 2007 at 3:27pm
We woke up one morning a couple of years ago to see a deer in our back garden and were amazed, however, just as we grabbed the camera to get a picture, it saw us and jumped over the fence into the wood  >:(  We've never seen it again unfortunately.

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Smoke Free Oakwood on May 12th, 2007 at 11:32am
A year or so ago a fully grown Fallow Deer was walking, bold as brass, down the middle of Oakwood Avenue.

We managed to turn it around and pint it into the Riddlesdown direction it had presumably come from.

We had a pheasant in our garden last year.

On Riddlesdown itself I am often struck by how few birds are around - then notice all the magpies and put two and two together......

Title: Re: Wildlife in Riddlesdown
Post by Bruce on Apr 8th, 2008 at 5:58am
I saw a sparrowhawk perched in a tree in my garden in Lower Barn Rd.  Not seen one here before.  Anyone else seen it?

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