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Message started by Sarahjane on Nov 19th, 2007 at 5:17pm

Title: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Sarahjane on Nov 19th, 2007 at 5:17pm
Every day I walk from my house in Hyde Road to Riddlesdown station and back along Lower Barn Road and I am horrified by the amount of litter on the path and the grass verge. At the weekends (and in the evenings in the summer when it is light) I regularly pick up one or two carrier bags full of cans, plastic bottles, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, cigarette packets etc. I know school children tend to get the blame for much of this, and there is a great deal of sweet papers, Fruit Shoots etc, but there is quite a lot of adult-generated litter (beer cans, coffee cups, cigarette packets). The really shocking thing is that much of this can be recycled and also there are quite a few litter bins, at both newsagents, bus stops etc, so there really is no excuse.

While I agree that it should not be necessary to do so, it does surprise me that the residents of Lower Barn Road donít take a greater pride in their locality and pick up the rubbish outside their houses themselves, rather than me having to do it. It is not a particularly nice task, but in my experience litter encourages litter and the more on the ground the more will join it.

If everyone in Riddlesdown took responsibility for the pavement outside their own house the litter problem would be much reduced.  Parents must teach their children to use litter bins, and all adults should role model good behaviour by putting litter in the  bin or recycling box every time. I may look slightly eccentric picking up litter as I walk along, but in my view if I encourage one other person to pick up litter, or even just think twice about dropping it, then it is well worth my effort.

I wonder if your readers agree with me?

Title: Re: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Phil_Thomas on Nov 20th, 2007 at 12:10pm
Hello Sarah jane

Firstly, good for you and thank you, in doing a public duty.

Unfortunately this seems to be the selfish attitude, of some people, in this country today, of chucking rubbish away and letting other people clear up after them!!

It is also interesting to note that you walk to the Station from Hyde Road, rather than drive. Unfortunately a number of the roads around the Station are clogged up with commuter parking, with some people, who canít be bothered to walk the short distances from their homes. Consequently the four roads around the Station, Lower Barn Rd, Riddlesdown Ave, Coombe Wood Hill and Brancaster Lane are rarely cleaned properly, by the Councilís street cleaning machine, because of commuter parking and hence constantly look untidy. The pieces of land, either side of the railway bridge, are also litter traps.

The streets are particularly bad at the moment because of leaf fall and it does also add to the flooding problem, near the Station, because of blocked gully grids.

Street cleaning is something, we as a Residents Association, pursue constantly with the Council (Street Scene Section) and National Rail/Southern but sometimes only with limited success.

It is of course an offence to drop litter in a public, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the website below maybe of interest:


Title: Re: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Tricia on Jan 21st, 2008 at 4:38pm
Your comments are very interesting, my husband and I work in several of the gardens along Lower Barn Road and always take an extra carrier bag with us because we know that there will be a lot of litter to pick up. We recycle this seperately when we take the "green gear" to the dump. Like you say, if everyone picked up a carrier bag full, we could keep the place tidy,however, for some of the "older" folk that live along that road it is an impossible task.

Title: Re: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Paula on Feb 28th, 2008 at 2:10pm
We live in Buttermere Gardens and we fill up a whole bag of rubbish every day from our garden and on the pathway outside.   It is mainly sweet wrappers, fizzy drinks cans and children's food wrappers.  The children walking up to Riddlesdown quite blatantly drop it in front of us just outside the driveway, throw it in the garden and stuff it in the hedge, when they know we are looking at them.  We daren't say anything to them for fear of being knifed or having a brick thrown through our window.  When the children are on school holidays hardly anything comes in the garden.

Title: Re: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Rod on Feb 28th, 2008 at 6:19pm
I suggest you e-mail the head at the school; I think he has made an effort since he took over to improve things and for a while it did so.However, I e-mailed him today because the situation has got really bad again. I said that I feel the school should employ contractors on a regular basis out of their budget to rectify the damage they are causing to the area. That said,it would only take a little effort from more householders to improve the situation greatly.

Title: Re: Litter in Lower Barn Road
Post by Phil_Thomas on Mar 24th, 2008 at 10:03am
Rod - It seems the complaint(s) to Gordon Smith have been taken seriously. Article taken from The Croydon Post dated 19 March:

"Parents of Riddlesdown High School have been warned their children are dropping too much litter. Gordon Smith, the headteacher of the Honister Heights school, said in a newsletter last week: "I have received a number of letters of complaint from members of the public which all have a similar theme. A small number of pupils let everyone down by dropping litter, particularly on the common or the unpaved approaches to the school."

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