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Allotments - land in Mitchley Hill (Read 12355 times)
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Re: Allotments - land in Mitchley Hill
Reply #15 - Sep 23rd, 2012 at 4:25pm
Margo - Croydon council has several hundred people on it's waiting list - the current waiting time for plots is 3-4 years - we visited the Sanderstead allotments a few weeks ago, and saw several untended plots - Croydon council are in the process of transferring these to new tenants - this will cross a few names off the list, but still hundreds more to go

Phil - that's disappointing about the RRA not wanting "anything visible" on the land - it's an unsightly scruffy scrubland at the moment - wasteland - fortunately very few houses overlook this piece of land

I won't be taking up your challenge to discuss this with the council's planners or land owners just yet - I'm just looking at options and finding out if the RRA would support or object to use of land in this way - at some point, there will be a serious proposal - it might be regarding this field, it might be somewhere else - it all takes time ....
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