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Lower Barn Road (Read 5440 times)
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Lower Barn Road
Feb 8th, 2014 at 10:47am
I think a big thank you is due to the RRA (and I believe Phil Thomas in particular) for their persistence in getting the drainage sorted out at the bottom of Lower Barn Rd.
I am sure it is solely due to their pressure that the LA acted eventually and consequently this area has been free from floods this winter.
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Re: Lower Barn Road
Reply #1 - Feb 9th, 2014 at 7:40pm
Hi Rod - yes my perseverance with the Council seems to have paid off and the flooding situation in Lower Barn Rd by the bridge has not been quite as bad over the last few months. All the works the Council did, with large gully suckers emptying all road gullies and soakaways a couple of years ago, seems to have paid off although we have had some flooding within the last few months, it has been now where near as bad as previously.

We still however do have to keep reminding the Council to clear blocked road gully grids but they do seem to respond when reported!

We would urge all residents to report any blocked road gullies near them on this link  https://my.croydon.gov.uk/_layouts/lbc.sharepoint.reporting/currentreports.aspx as water higher up the hilly part of our area does seem to find its way down to Lower Barn Rd!
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