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80 Riddlesdown Road (Read 906 times)
Brian Smith
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80 Riddlesdown Road
Mar 11th, 2018 at 8:30am
I  am not sure if you aware of  the proposed planning application submitted for the above address. It is proposed that a 4 bedroom property will be demolished and 9 flats constructed in its place.

I live in Harman Place which will be directly overshadowed by this scheme. There will be the potential for many residents to overlook our privacy which flies in the face of the standards set by the planning policy.

Our house is set below the ground level of the proposed development and will therefore be overshadowed by the block of flats.

We are reviewing in detail the application which has several manifest errors and will communicate with all concerned in due course.

The GIA floor space is being more than doubled which represents a significant over development for the area.

Riddlesdown road is dominated by large single use residential properties and this proposal is totally out of keeping with the area.

Can we please have your support in investigating this matter and persuading the planners that this is not what is required in the area. All comments are due back by the 30th March.

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Re: 80 Riddlesdown Road
Reply #1 - Mar 14th, 2018 at 5:46am
Brian - as we have said in the e-mail sent to you separately, this planning application is not within the RRA area. It is within the Purley & Woodcote RA (PWRA) area. Unfortunately we are not allowed to object to the Council and ask for a referral to committee for a site/properrty not in our area and not abutting us. We hope the PWRA will object and we will support them.

We appreciate this is another Aventier application and yes if they continue to submit planning applications for flats in Riddlesdown Rd, it will have a major impact on that road.

However, anyone who receives a letter from Aventier offering to buy their property and submit a planning application, need to read the details very carefully, as the conditions are loaded very much in favour of the developer!

As a footnote, you may want to get local residents to check their deeds, as we are told that a number of properties in Riddlesdown Rd have restricted covenants that the land cannot be used for flats. This is the process that is currently being considered for the two other applications that were approved by the Council (122 & 96a). The Council do not consider it as part of the planning process! So legal opinion/action has to be undertaken by residents.
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