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Purley War Memorial Hospital

GP Hubs in Croydon

Update 2/5/17

If you or any member of your family are in need of urgent minor medical treatment, there is now more detail about where you can be seen on the new Croydon GP hub website;


Since 1 April 2017, the three new GP hubs in the Borough of Croydon are located at;

Purley War Memorial Hospital;

Parkway Health Centre, New Addington;

East Croydon Medical Centre, 59 Addiscombe Rd, Croydon;

and are open from 8 am to 8 pm for 365 days a year. Patients should in the first instance telephone 111 to make an appointment to see a GP at these hubs. However, walk-in patients will be seen but may have to wait longer.

Please note that the Edridge Rd Walk-In Centre in central Croydon has now closed. Please also note that the 111 call centre staff, some GP surgeries and pharmacies maybe giving out incorrect information about this new service and how to access it! This has been taken up with the Croydon CCG.

Update 16/3/17

New GP Hubs from 1 April 2017

From 1 April 2017, the Minor Injuries Unit at Purley Hospital will cease and will be replaced with a GP Hub. The opening hours will also increase from 8am to 8pm (currently 2pm to 8pm). There will be two other GP hubs in Croydon (Parkway, New Addington and East Croydon Medical Centre). The GP hubs also offer walk-in services, but the NHS is encouraging people to ‘phone 111 before you go’ to make sure you access the most appropriate service. Of course, in an emergency, dial 999. The A&E Unit and Urgent Care Centre at Croydon University Hospital, Thornton Heath, will continue to be open 24/7.

The full statement from the Croydon CCG is below:

"Date of issue: 15 March 2017

New Croydon Urgent Care Alliance to offer urgent GP appointments from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

People in Croydon will soon have access to a wide range of urgent care services, including GP appointments available from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

From April 2017, three ‘GP Hubs’ will open across the borough to treat children and adults with urgent care needs. The new ‘Hubs’ will be open for longer hours every day, and will offer more services to treat both minor injuries and minor illnesses.

People should call NHS 111 for an assessment to book an urgent appointment at a GP Hub. The hubs also offer walk-in services, but the NHS is encouraging people to ‘phone before you go’ to make sure they access the most appropriate service for them.

NHS 111 is staffed by highly-trained health advisors to direct people to the best medical care depending on their symptoms – including the GP Hubs where appropriate. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day and is free to call from landlines or mobiles,

Appointments at any of the new GP Hubs will be available to people living and working in Croydon if they are unable to get an appointment with their own GP.

The improved services are part of a new contract with NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Croydon Urgent Care Alliance – a coalition of hospital doctors, nurses and local GPs. This means, that for the first time, emergency and urgent care services will be working together to provide more coordinated care and support right across the borough. It also means patients and GPs within the Hubs will benefit by having more services closer at hand.

The new GP Hubs will increase the services already available at Purley Minor Injuries Unit and New Addington Minor Injuries Unit. A new Central Croydon GP Hub will be provided within the East Croydon Medical Centre, replacing the walk-in centre located on Edridge Road.

There will also be a continuation of the Urgent Care Centre and GP out-of-hours services located at the front door of the Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital. The Urgent Care Centre itself will be open 24/7 and equipped with the expertise to treat all urgent but non-life threatening illnesses or conditions.

Additional services from the Croydon Urgent Care Alliance will include:

• A roving GP service to provide urgent home visits for local residents live from 1 July 2017

• an out-of-hours GP service, including rapid telephone advice, face-to-face consultations and home visits from trained clinicians Monday to Friday (between 6.30pm to 8.30am), and 24 hours a day at weekends and bank holidays.

Dr John Chan, a local GP and the chair of Croydon GP Collaborative said:

“The new urgent care service enables previously separate parts of the system – including the Urgent Care Centre, A&E, and Walk-In Centres – to be joined-up along with other primary care services, such as GPs and local pharmacies. This will make access to appropriate care and advice much more straightforward for patient and professionals alike.

“We are also promoting 'Phone Before You Go!', which uses NHS 111 to book individuals for telephone or face-to-face consultations at the hubs for a more seamless patient experience.”

Dr Kathryn Channing, lead consultant for the Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital said:

“In joining-up our urgent and emergency care services, we have a real opportunity to get this right for Croydon. Across the country, you hear reports of emergency services under pressure as people often find it difficult to access primary care – especially in the evening and at weekends.

“Our alliance means that GP appointments will be available from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. What’s more, because the hospital will be running the services with Croydon GPs, you will be seen by one team working together to provide the right care for you.”

Dr Fiyaz Lebbe, GP Director of AT Medics added:

“By combining our services, we are placing people at the heart of everything we do, rather than expecting people to navigate their way round from one service to the next. By working together, our people will benefit from extended opening hours for GP Hubs, with direct links into hospital care and local pharmacies. This means we can do more to keep people well, and provide expert care and treatment when it is needed.”

The Croydon Urgent Care Alliance teams up hospital doctors and nurses alongside community healthcare professionals from Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, with General Practitioners throughout the borough to offer a wealth of clinical experience, knowledge and expertise.

Local GPs have formed the Croydon GP Collaborative and, with the Trust, have joined with AT Medics – a leading provider of primary care services in London – to complete the partnership.

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, Assistant Clinical Chair, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

"We are delighted to announce that the contract has been signed for Croydon’s new urgent care service. The plans were drawn-up after extensive engagement with local residents who called for longer opening hours and greater access to GP appointments. We are proud that Croydon Urgent Care Alliance will help local people to get the right treatment by the right person in the right place.”

The contract awarded by Croydon CCG will run for three years from April 2017, with an option to extend for a further two years."

Update 12/7/16 - Preferred Bidder Chosen

The Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCCG) have chosen their preferred bidder for the provision of urgent care for the Borough of Croydon, which is to be Croydon Urgent Care Alliance (see details below).

The eight local RAs and local politicians have campaigned over the last 2 years or so, for the continuation of the Purley Hospital MIU and have received this information, from the Croydon CCG and the full news release from them is here:

"We are delighted to announce that after a procurement process we have selected Croydon Urgent Care Alliance as the preferred bidder to run a new seamless urgent care service across the borough from April 2017. Croydon Urgent Care Alliance is a new team made up of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, the Croydon GP Collaborative and AT Medics.

From spring next year, people living and working in Croydon will have access to a wide range of services run by a team of doctors and nurses to provide seamless expert care. The new services will include:

· Three ‘GP Hubs’ open 365 days a year, from 8am to 8pm and able to treat all ages. The GP hubs will increase opening hours and expand the services available at Purley War Memorial Hospital, New Addington Minor Injuries Unit and Edridge Road Walk-in Centre. The third GP hub will be located at or close to the current walk-in centre service on Edridge Road. The exact location of this site will be part of the contract negotiations.

· 24/7 Urgent Care Centre at the front door of the Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital; which will include the functions of the GP hub for the north of the Borough.

· A roving GP service will provide urgent home visits to care for local residents and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

· Out-of-hours GP services will provide rapid telephone advice from trained clinicians from 6.30pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday, and 24/7 over the weekends and during bank holidays.

The new 'GP Hubs' will be led by GPs, and can treat all ages. They will provide all of the same services as the current Walk-in Centre at Edridge Road combined with those provided at the Minor Injuries Units at Purley and New Addington. Local people will be able to get advice and treatment from GPs and nurses for minor illnesses, injuries and ailments between 8am and 8pm, 365 days a year.

As you know, this is a result of extensive engagement with local residents earlier this year to develop a new model for urgent care services which will see services expanded across the borough. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the part you played in engaging with our proposals. The 'GP Hub' plans were drawn-up by Croydon clinicians after local residents called for extended opening hours, improved access to urgent GP appointments, and more facilities away from Croydon University Hospital.

Local residents also asked for a simpler system with clearer descriptions and signposting to the care and support available. One way we hope to help local residents navigate the new system is encouraging them to “phone before you go” and call NHS 111. NHS 111 is fast, easy and free to call from landlines and mobiles. Callers speak to a highly trained advisor supported by health professionals, who ask questions to help refer people to the best medical care for their symptoms. This could be taking care of yourself at home, visiting a community pharmacist or being booked in for an urgent appointment at one of the borough’s four GP hubs. We hope that this will also help address an essential element of this new service, to further empower local people to feel confident enough to treat themselves at home.

We are now working closely with Croydon Urgent Care Alliance to confirm the detail of the contract. We look forward to building a strong partnership with them over the coming weeks and months to get these services up and running for April next year.

Paula Swann

Chief Officer, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group”

The response from the 8 local RAs, is that this is very good news. The GP hubs will remain on the same sites at Purley and New Addington, 8am to 8pm (currently 2pm to 8pm) and will offer the same services that Edridge Road do now, which is definitely an improvement. We think the RA's decision, with the support of Chris Philp MP and our local Councillors, to fight the reduced hours and change of services in Purley, has been instrumental in achieving this upgrade of services and extended opening hours.

We do still have concerns which are as follows:

Will the x-ray be offered at Purley Hospital?

Will the 111 service be able to cope with the increase demand?

What will the walk in element at these centres be?

The RAs will be responding to the CCCG voicing these concerns.

Urgent Healthcare in the Borough of Croydon

Update 6/2/16 - from Hartley & District, Purley & Woodcote, Kenley, East Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, West Coulsdon, Riddlesdown and Sanderstead Residents’ Associations

This story below in the Croydon Advertiser 5/2/16! And the Croydon Guardian on line.

Yesterday, (Tuesday 2 February 2016) was decision day for the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group about Urgent Healthcare in Croydon, from April 2017. Some representatives of the eight Residents’ Associations (RAs) in the south of the Borough, who have been campaigning for the retention of services, especially in the south of the Borough, attended this public meeting.

There were no surprises about the decision by the Croydon CCG Governing Body, who decided that Option 1, which was their preferred option, would be implemented from April 2017. This option is; one Urgent Care Centre open 365 days a year at the front door of the Emergency Department (A&E) at Croydon University Hospital; GP out of hours service on the same site; three GP hubs in the vicinity of current services (Purley, Parkway, Edridge Road), open from 8am-8pm, 365 days a year, covering all of Croydon.

The Governing Body took it in turns to congratulate themselves on the good work they have done and completely overlooked all of the concerns the eight RAs have raised over the last 18 months. It would seem that the Croydon CCG were keen to look after their interests in the north of the Borough, and were only too happy to offer promises of services for the communities around Croydon University Hospital. However, the RAs have managed to keep the three units in the town centre and the south, (at Edridge Road, Purley and Parkway; or in the near vicinity) open and all with the hours of 8am to 8pm, which we do not think was the original intention of the CCCG.

The RAs do at least have a commitment to a facility in the Purley area, opening hours from 8am to 8pm and bookable access to x-ray for some emergency treatment. This is not quite what we wanted but we suspect it is considerably more than we would have got had we kept quiet. The restoration of morning opening hours is also an achievement.

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South has also been very supportive of the RAs and has met with the Croydon CCG many times. Chris said; “I think that our efforts over the last year or so have made a difference. The restoration of morning opening hours and very fact of a continuation of a service at Purley are the fruits of this labour. If Dr Agnelo Fernandes's promise about emergency x ray referrals holds good, that will be a big victory. My remaining concerns are the name "GP Hub" which is underwhelming; (e.g. "Injury and GP Unit" would be better). And secondly I am still concerned about the level of injury they will treat - I am keen that (for example) very serious cuts and ideally fractures get treated there. This detail has not yet been published and is very important.”

The next step in the process is for the Croydon CCG to start working on a full draft specification for urgent care services. The Croydon CCG have now invited representatives from the eight RAs to attend this seminar on 11 February. A full draft specification is a document that describes in detail exactly what a service will do and what minimum standards will have to be delivered. The full specification will describe some standards that are for the whole urgent care service and some that are for each part of it. This is the document from which one, whole-service contract will be written.

Update 23/1/16

The eight RAs in the south of the Borough have coverage in the Croydon Advertiser on Friday 22 January about Purley MIU.

Following a question to Paula Swann regarding the increase in the costs of the GP hubs from £340,000 to £2 million (on which the CCCG made a huge error on their costings), Chief Officer, Paula Swann says: "Absolutely, regrettably, there were a couple of mistakes, but the document we went out to consultation on has been costed based on more solid modelling," said Croydon CCG chief officer Paula Swann.

"The CCCG wasn't aware Purley residents were putting forward a scenario until we received the scenario – by that time they had relied on that information, but that information wasn't intended to be relied on." Quite frankly this statement by Ms Swann (if reported correctly) beggars belief! The 8 RAs put forward their own scenario on 18 September 2015 to the CCCG, based on the CCCG costings, which were believed were wrong! It was after this letter that the CCCG re-evaluated their own costings!

The full story in the Croydon Advertiser

Update 14/1/16

Following the public meeting with the Croydon CCG on 7 January 2016, the eight RAs in the south of the Borough have again written to the Governing Body Members of the CCCG on 13 January, expressing grave reservations about the apparent lack of understanding in the population of Croydon about their “consultation” process and the seriousness of their errors in the reprocurement process. We have urged that the decision by the CCG due in early February is deferred, and that the CCG engage in a further, full public consultation before any final decision is made. RAs Letter

In addition Chris Philp MP, has sent an e-mail to the three senior CCCG Board members, on 14 January 2016, which is below:

Dear Paula, Tony and Agnelo,

I am writing following the public meeting held on Thursday 7th January about the Urgent Care Review. Although I organised it at just 3 days notice, over 100 people attended and many more had to be turned away through lack of space. I believe that this illustrates the strength of local feeling on the issue. I took away several key points from this meeting, which I have listed below.

There were three positives in your proposal:

(1) Hours

The 8am to 8pm opening hours are a welcome improvement

(2) Minor Ailments

The addition of Minor Ailments is welcome

(3) Emergency X-Ray Access

Agnelo confirmed at the meeting that there would be the ability for the GP Hub to emergency refer people to the X-Ray facility at Purley (i.e. a near-immediate appointment to get an X Ray) for everything except suspected fractures. John Goulston has confirmed to me that he would be happy to co-operate with this. This needs to be formally included in the service specification.

However, I and my constituents still have three very serious concerns that I would like to be addressed:

(1) Scope of Minor Injury Service Offered at the “GP Hub”

We believe that the “GP Hub” should treat more serious injuries as well as minor ones. I would like you to lift the ceiling on the seriousness of conditions that can be treated there as high as possible. I believe that this should include treating fractures but certainly it should include more serious injuries (e.g. very serious cuts). I am very alarmed to read in your “Urgent Care Re-Procurement – Memorandum of Information” document dated for release on 5th January 2016 that whereas the MIU is listed as treating “Minor Injuries” the new GP Hub is listed as treating “Simple Minor Injuries” (p19/20 and p33) This apparent downgrade would be wholly unacceptable. It must treat minor injuries as now and more serious injuries.

A further problem is that there is actually no detailed specification of what the GP Hub will do beyond the bullet points in the document just referred to. A proper detailed specification is needed for public review. No such specification exists nationally (as there is no concept of a “GP Hub” nationally).

(2) The Name “GP Hub”

I very strongly believe that “GP Hub” is not the right name. There is no national specification for a GP Hub, and no national restriction on what you call this. You can call it what you like. You should not name the service by reference to what other Boroughs may or may not call their services. We must do what is right for Croydon (and perhaps then other Boroughs can copy us). Calling it a “GP Hub” will confuse the public because they will think it is like a GP surgery. This will encourage people to attend the GP Hub when in fact they should go to their local GP surgery. The name also does not do justice to what the centre will actually do. Here are some suggestions for better names:

Injury and GP [Centre/Hub/Unit]

Treatment [Centre/Hub/Unit]

Injury [Centre/Hub/Unit]

Treatment and GP [Centre/Hub/Unit]

My preference is “Treatment Centre” but any of the above combinations would be better than “GP Hub”. There is nothing at all in any guideline to stop you doing this, and it costs nothing.

(3) Purley Hospital Site

It would be insane not to use the existing facilities at Purley, which were developed with this exact purpose in mind just a few years ago at huge public cost. To leave them empty would be ludicrous. It will also be much more convenient for people to walk down the corridor to get an X-Ray than to have to go somewhere else. Plus the public are accustomed to the facility being at Purley Hospital. The Memorandum of 5th January simply refers to the service needing to be delivered “in the vicinity” of the current Purley MIU. It should be in the same physical space as the current MIU, and you should not give the contract to anyone proposing not to use this space.

I hope that you can accommodate these simple but important modifications to the current proposed preferred option.

Kind regards,

Chris Philp MP

Member of Parliament for Croydon South

Update 13/1/16

At only 3 days notice, local MP Chris Philp organised a public meeting in Purley on 7 January with the Croydon CCG and local RAs. So many people attended that it was standing room only. The CCCG at all their organised meetings in December, only had a handful of attendees!

The Rev. Charles Trefusis of Christ Church, Purley delivered a stunning, excoriating address criticising the total ineptitude of the CCCG, which received a standing ovation. The audience were in no mood to accept the fudging non- answers to critical questions which characterised the CCCG so the meeting was most lively! http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/…/story-28486…/story.html

With just a couple of hours to go before the start of the meeting, the R.A’s produced a flyer for distribution, outlining our major concerns. These include big mistakes in the CCCG's financial calculations. The original planned cost was £340,000, as detailed in the September strategy review document produced by the CCCG, however, on 22 December the RAs were informed that this figure is likely to be between £1.5 million and £2 million!

The CCCG intend to close "public engagements" this week. Note - they no longer refer to these as "consultations", which they have certainly never been.

In spite of the CCCG's desire to close Purley MIU (also the Edridge Rd WIC and Parkway MIU) the RAs have not lost yet, but do need to keep up the pressure.

The RAs intend sending another letter to the CCCG governing body before they make their final decision in early February at their meeting.

Update 4/1/16,

A report from Chris Philp, Croydon South MP on 4 January 2016

Purley Hospital Minor Injuries Unit

I have been calling for restoration of the service level at Purley Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit for some time. Morning opening hours, emergency access to the X-Ray machine and the ability to treat more serious injuries should be reinstated, which were all available until May 2014.

Croydon’s Clinical Commissioning Group is currently consulting on new options for Urgent Care in the Borough. The good news is that their apparent favoured option includes the restoration of morning opening hours and also the continued treatment of Minor Injuries in what they are now calling a “GP Hub”. It looks likely that one of the three Hubs in the Borough will be at Purley Hospital.

However, the option does not include the restoration of emergency access (i.e. without an appointment, for a suspected fracture or similar) to the existing X-Ray facility at Purley. Nor does it include the ability to treat fractures and more serious injuries.

I believe that this omission is completely wrong. For residents of Coulsdon, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead, Croham and beyond it is far easier to get to Purley Hospital than to make the long journey to the A&E at Croydon University Hospital (CUH, or Mayday as was) for suspected fractures or more serious injuries. Reinstating the emergency X-Ray facility and ability to treat fractures will make full use of the Purley site, part of which was designed with this exact purpose in mind during its £11m re-build, which only finished in 2013. It will also alleviate pressure on A&E at CUH. If properly publicised, the service is likely to be very highly used. In 2013-14 the unit saw a 56% year-on-year increase in usage despite a lack of publicity.

Best wishes,
Chris Philp MP
Member of Parliament for Croydon South
Member of the Treasury Select Committee

Update 1/12/15

Croydon CCG will be out and about in Croydon until 16 December 2015 discussing and showing residents their proposals for Urgent Care in Croydon, from April 2017. They want to hear your views and what you think about their proposed options for Urgent Care services in Croydon. This is your opportunity to shape local healthcare services.

However, what the Croydon CCG don’t say is how they arrived at the “final” 3 options they propose without discussion and consultation on the 11 scenarios originally put forward by them in September! This is the link to their Scenario Appraisal. The proposal put forward by the RAs is Scenario 6a.

This link is the latest document produced by the CCCG and was issued on 27 November 2015. In this document they are proposing 3 final scenarios. The Croydon CCG’s preferred option is scenario No.1. Scenario No.3 does have 3 further options. Although Purley Hospital is mentioned in scenario No.2, there is no firm commitment from them that it will be applicable for the other two options. They just say in the “vicinity” of Purley.

Update 6/11/15 - Possible Closures of Purley MIU, Parkway MIU and Edridge Rd Walk in Centre - Croydon CCG Respond to RAs Letter

Further to our update of 22 October (see below), the Croydon CCG have responded to the letter sent by the joint Resident Associations (RAs) in the south of the Borough. The Croydon CCG have agreed to review and consider our proposed scenario 6a for urgent healthcare in Croydon, along with the existing 8 scenarios as presented by the CCCG. At least this is a step forward in the right direction by the Croydon CCG!

A reminder of the RAs scenario 6a;

In addition members of the RAs group attended the Croydon CCG Governing Body meeting on 3 November, which is held in public.

We had submitted two questions beforehand. These were presented and responded to:

Question 1 submitted by Chris Stanley (RAs):

In the briefing that the Joint Residents’ Associations in the South of the Borough circulated to all Governors on the 20 October, we mentioned that we have no details as to the form the GP’s extended/MI service will take. What we do not know is where it is proposed these centres will be or what services they will provide. To enable a proper consultation to take place, could you please provide us with this information?

Answer by Paula Swann (Chief Officer CCCG) - Due to commercial considerations the precise locations of the extended GP practices will not be specified in advance as this may affect the tendering process, however they will probably be in the approximate locations of the current MIU / walk-in centres.

Chris Stanley responded by stating that the Governing Body need to know the locations in order to reach a decision. Furthermore, more detail is needed regarding the volume of patients each centre will be able to see and who will oversee the extended GP practices to ensure that standards are being met, before any decisions are made.

Chris Stanley requested that 1. The results of the consultation exercises already undertaken be published and 2. More detail is given regarding the viability assessment of each of the scenarios rather than just relying on green/red/amber box matrix. Paula Swann said that results of earlier consultations were included in the strategy review document and that the September consultation results are available and would be published.

Question 2: submitted by Diane Hearne (RAs)

In the briefing we also referred to our additional scenario 6A. We would like full details of the results of the modelling you have done on the seven areas you are looking at: Activity, Need and Demand, Access, Work Force, Safety, Adherence to National Strategy and Physical Location, and what the comparatives are with the other options.

Answer by: Dr Agnelo Fernandes (CCCG) - that more details will be provided in an engagement document which will be issued prior to the Governing Body decision. They are currently working on assessing the viability of the scenarios proposed including option 6A.

Paula Swann stated there would be further engagement with interested parties and stakeholders during November and December but was unable to provide specific dates. However, she said this would be provided.

Diane Hearne responded by saying there was not much time between now and the decision being made in January, so we do need the dates of the meetings and the engagement document as soon as possible. We need to be able to inform our residents who are very interested in Urgent Care in the South of the Borough. Paula Swann had raised the fact that there was more to Croydon than the South and Diane Hearne confirmed we do appreciate that!

Jan Stollery (RAs) raised the question of how the additional GPs are going to be recruited to meet the added workload of extended GP practices and GP rapid response services. Dr Agnelo Fernandes (CCCG) said that existing GPs will be asked to work in different ways to utilise their time better to meet the added demands.

Update 22/10/15

Possible Closures of Purley MIU, Parkway MIU and Edridge Rd Walk in Centre

Following a reprocurement report issued by Croydon CCG on 1 September 2015, the joint RAs in the south of the Borough have now on 20 October 2015 written to all 16 Croydon CCG Governing Board members expressing grave concerns about this report, including the lack of publication and public consultation.

Some scenarios, as published in the Croydon CCG report, will result in the closure of the existing Minor Injuries Units at Purley and at Parkway, New Addington and the Walk-In Centre at Edridge Road, Croydon. This will have huge implications for tens of thousands of Croydon residents.

The RAs believe there is another option, which is a combination of extended GP practices and a walk-in Urgent Care Centre at Purley Hospital. The Scenario 6a proposed by the RAs is supported by Chris Philp MP, and Councillors in the south of the Borough.

The Croydon CCG are due to make a final decision about future of urgent care services in Croydon Borough, in January 2016.

Further details are available in this press release issued by the joint residents Associations.

The Croydon CCCG reprocurement report is on this link. The eight scenarios being considered by the Croydon CCG are listed from page 40 of their report.

Update 8/9/15

Purley Hospital was redeveloped with £11 million of public money in 2012/13 to provide improved outpatient facilities and an Urgent Care Centre. In 2014 the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCCG) drastically downgraded the Urgent Care Centre by cutting the opening hours, stopping treatment for minor ailments, and removing access to the on-site x-ray facility. We believe that the 85,000 residents of Purley and surrounding districts need these facilities and should have access to a local Urgent Care Centre.

• Open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm

• Able to treat minor ailments

• Able to diagnose and treat fractures and broken bones

The eight Residents Associations in the south of the Borough have written on 1 September to the Secretary for State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, asking for his intervention at Purley. Our letter has been presented to Mr Hunt by Chris Philp (Croydon South MP). This is a copy of the open letter Letter

In addition the CCCG have released a public document on 1 September 2015 about proposals for future Urgent Care in Croydon. Link to document. The document is quite long but on pages 40 and 41, the list of scenarios outlined there are quite encouraging.

However from this report in the Croydon Advertiser on 4 September, Ms Paula Swann who is the Chief Officer of the Croydon CCG, says some scenarios in the CCCG’s report are unaffordable!

Thank you also for those residents who attended the photo call at the Purley MIU today (4/9/15).

Update 24/11/14

Services Now Available at Purley Hospital

The following has been circulated by John Goulston, Chief Executive at Croydon University Hospital about all the services available at Purley Hospital.

The hospital offers local residents access to outpatient services and services to diagnose and monitor health conditions and also hosts several services from several other organisations.  It does not have any inpatient beds, but offers initial and on-going appointments with doctors, specialist nurses and other health care professionals that do not need an overnight stay.

The current list of outpatient services is extensive. They all need either a referral from a GP or pre-arranged appointment, so if your GP or doctor tells refers you, ask whether it is possible to go to Purley War Memorial Hospital for the service.

Outpatient Services

(traditional hospital service names are shown with a brief explanation in brackets)

The hospital also offers services that help to diagnose and monitor health conditions (often called ‘diagnostic’ services)

You can now go to Purley for a blood test at the phlebotomy service. If your doctor or nurse tells you that you need to have a blood test, you can drop in during opening hours. The service operates on a first-come, first-served basis and tends to be less busy later in the day. The service is open Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), 07.00-12.00, 13.00-16.45. Closed at lunchtimes.

Dexa scan (measuring bone density), ultrasound and x-ray services are all available, following a referral from a doctor or nurse and there is also routine eye screening for people with diabetes (Diabetic Retinal Screening), hearing tests (audiology) and heart monitoring. All of these services need pre-arranged appointments.

The hospital also offers services that help to diagnose and monitor health conditions (often called ‘diagnostic’ services).

You can find out more about all of these services on the Trust’s website.

The hospital hosts a number of other health services, which are not provided by the Trust. These include Keston Medical Practice, a full general practice service to patients living in Purley, South Croydon, Kenley and Coulsdon; eye care services from Moorfields NHS Trust and relationship counselling from Relate.

The Minor Injuries Unit is also available every day of the year, from 2pm – 8pm.  This service is run by AT Medics.

You don’t need an appointment to use this service and is a great alternative to going to Accident and Emergency for less serious conditions such as cuts, grazes and wounds, minor burns and scalds, sprains and strains, minor head injuries, minor eye injuries and removing some foreign bodies. The service is staffed by a team of GPs and nurses and patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.


For advice on the most appropriate service for your injury or illness call: 111

Minor Injuries Unit/ Urgent Care Centre (MIU/UCC)

Updated 11/11/14

The RRA and all the other RAs in the south of the Borough (Riddlesdown, Hartley & District, Purley & Woodcote, Kenley, East Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, West Coulsdon, and Sanderstead) have held a number of meetings since July 2014 to discuss our strategy and we are continuing dialogue with the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCCG) over their decision to down grade the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) to a Minor Injuries Unit (MIU). The CCCG continue to argue that it was not a downgrade as the Unit was never an UCC despite large signage above the doors saying it was a UCC (see photo) and also much information on the Croydon Health Trust and CCCG websites stating it was a UCC! This has now mainly been changed! It was also run as an UCC by Croydon NHS Trust when the Hospital re-opened following refurbishment in November 2013!

The more the RAs look into this and the more contact we have with the CCCG, the more determined we are to get the UCC restored at Purley for all our residents.

In brief, all the RAs are trying to get the following re-instated at Purley

The CCCG say that they downgraded the Unit in May 2014 because not enough people were using it. However the timeframe they used for the data analysis, ending August 2013 spanned a period when the hospital resembled a building site and many people were unaware the service was still available. There was no signage on the frontage to the road and very little communication with local residents. The decision to downgrade by the CCCG did not take into account the improving attendance number during the latter part of 2013 and through early 2014 and was based on flawed data rather than analysis in the local area.

The CCCG also stated in their own report in June 2013, the following:

“The Purley UCC is located in the Purley GP Network. Purley is one of the more affluent networks in Croydon. 55% of the population are aged between (25–64). Disease/health prevalence areas significantly above the average for the Borough include learning disability, depression, atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis. Purley has the second highest number of A&E attendances, in spite of the Purley UCC.”

So disease and health issues are above average for our part of the Borough compared to the north but we don’t have a proper facility in the south to address this! It also seems that this was a GP led decision without the proper public consultation, again as highlighted in the CCG report:

“Feedback from the GP Network; The proposed options for service re-provision at Purley and New Addington have been discussed at the GP Clinical Networks which serve each location. Both groups were wholly supportive of the need for change to the current service model. Additionally the members agreed that the option for a GP led service was preferable to any other and were keen to be involved in further developing and refining the draft service specification.”

We have also been told that because Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, who previously ran the service were in discussion about moving the Keston Medical Practice into the Hospital, and because they did not employ GPs, they were unable at the time of tendering to submit their own tender. Perhaps this partly explains why the MIU can no longer refer patients across the corridor to the x-ray unit because this is run by Croydon NHS Trust staff?

We believe this is a total mess, as the NHS is meant to be one body. Also interestingly senior Government Ministers have recently said that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which was brought in to create Clinical Commissioning Groups has been a huge mistake!



Many GP’s are referring patients to Purley Hospital for the many clinics that are now operating there. Feedback that the RAs have received is generally very favourable about the clinics at this newly refurbished Hospital.

We have also noted that many GP Medical Practices in the south of the Borough, and other statutory bodies are still showing incorrect information about the Purley MIU on their websites for out of hours cover and in particular the opening times are wrongly shown. Beware! The correct opening times for both Purley MIU and New Addington MIU from 1 May 2014 are 2pm to 8pm, 365 days a year. The UCC at Croydon University Hospital, Thornton Heath and their A&E are both 24 hour, 365 days a year.

For our report on the re-opening of Purley Hospital on 7 November 2013 go to this Link

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