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2012 - Our 75th Anniversary







One specification of the current Southern Franchise is that London Area Stations are to be staffed from the first to the last train. Riddlesdown Station was classified by Southern as part of the East Grinstead Line for this purpose. Now that it is recognised as a London Area Station, staff will be on site whenever trains are running.


Southern Timetable below is from 17 May 2015 to 12 December 2015.

Timetables are subject to change, so if in doubt, check with Southern or National Rail. The RRA cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

To East Croydon (EC), & London Victoria, (London Bridge (LB)): Weekdays: 06.15(LB), 06.42(LB), 07.02, 07.11(LB), 07.35, 07.46(LB), 08.04, 08.18(LB), 08.37, 08.46(LB), 09.06, 09.36 then 06 and 36 mins past hour until 23.06 (Plus LB train at 18.46, EC only trains at 19.16, 19.46 & 20.16).

Saturdays (To Victoria only): 07.06, 07.37, 08.06, 08.37, 09.06 and then 37 and 06 mins past hour until 23.06.

Sundays (To Victoria only) 08.49, 09.41, and then 11 and 41 mins past hour until 20.41, 21.41, 22.41, 23.38.

To London Bridge - No direct services Saturdays & Sundays.

From London Victoria to Riddlesdown: Weekdays: 05.47, 06.24, 07.32, 08.53, 09.23 and then 53 and 23 mins past hour until 23.24 & 23.47.

Saturdays: 06.23, 06.53 and then 23 and 53 mins past hour until 23.23 & 23.47.

Sundays: 07.47, 08.53, 09.23, 09.53, and then 23 & 53 mins past hour until 19.53, 20.53, 21.53, 22.36.

From London Bridge to Riddlesdown:

Weekdays: 07.02, 07.18, 07.50, 07.55, 08.24, 17.13, 17.44, 18.17 & 18.47.

Saturdays & Sundays: No direct Services.

From East Croydon to Riddlesdown: Weekdays: 06.06, 06.41, 07.17 (to Hurst Green), 07.34, 07.50, 08.09, 08.16 (to Hurst Green), 08.41, 09.11, 09.41, 10.11, 10.41, 11.11, 11.40, 12.11 then 40 and 11 mins past hour until 15.41, 16.11, 16.40, 17.10, 17.30, 17.41, 17.58, 18.11, 18.32, 18.43, 19.02, 19.11, 19.40, 20.10, 20.40, 21.11, 21.40, 22.10, 22.40, 23.10, 23.41, 00.07.

Saturdays: 06.41, 07.11 then 41 & 11 mins past hour until 22.10, 22.41, 23.11, 23.41 & 00.07.

Sundays: 08.10, 09.10, 09.40, & then 10 & 40 mins past hour until 20.10, 21.10, 22.10, 22.57.

Above information is taken from Southern Railway timetable from 17 May to 12 December 2015. Timetables are subject to change, so if in doubt, check with Tfl or the Operator(s). The RRA cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the above information. Please check Southern timetable below:


The current Riddlesdown (Southern) train timetable
(Scroll down the list presented and click on the East Grinstead and Oxted to Croydon and London link.(No 18)
Then download the PDF file indicated.)

To check for Engineering Works on Southern

Southern Customer Services: Tel: 08451 272920


National Rail Enquiries: Tel: 08457 484950,


Christmas Engineering Work 2015 – Advance Notice

The RRA have been advised that the London to Brighton Main Line will be closed from 22.00 hrs on 24 December to 04.00 hrs on 4 January 2016 at Purley to allow for the renewal of a junction, track and bridge works. No trains will run from South Croydon to Redhill and a bus replacement service will operate. Also a bus service will operate from East Grinstead to Gatwick Airport. Although this will not directly affect Riddlesdown trains, it is possible that additional passengers may use the services to and from East Grinstead. More details are expected in October.


Updated 5/1/15

Summary about redevelopment until 2018

From 5 January 2015, Southern's access into London Bridge reduces from six to three tracks. As a result, there will be changes to Southern services from that date.

From 12th January 2015 until August 2016, Southeastern services to and from Charing Cross will not call at London Bridge. Southern passengers who normally use Southeastern services to Charing Cross and Waterloo East from London Bridge can take Southern services to Clapham Junction and change to South West Trains services to Waterloo for Waterloo East and Southeastern services from Waterloo East.

Southern passengers who normally change at London Bridge for Charing Cross services will be able to use their London Terminals Rail ticket on the following Underground and bus routes without being charged. Further details on this link to Southern Railway.

December 2014 to January 2018 - Thameslink services between Bedford and Brighton through central London will be diverted away from London Bridge and will run via Herne Hill instead. There are plans to maintain an off-peak service between London Bridge station, Gatwick Airport and Brighton.

More details available on this London Bridge Team link or Tfl link or Thameslink Programme

Govia Thameslink Railway

From “26 July 2015, Gatwick Express and Southern joined Great Northern and Thameslink to operate under one company, Govia Thameslink Railway.

The people and staff you deal with hasn’t changed and the brands you’re familiar with of Southern, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Great Northern will stay the same.

In fact, please rest assured: you won’t have to do anything different to continue travelling with us – tickets, stations and trains do not suddenly change on day one.” Further information on this link to Southern Railway

‘Tornado’ Steam Train Passes Through Riddlesdown - September 2013


From 23 March 2013, the privately owned and voluntarily run Bluebell Railway will be connected to the national rail system at East Grinstead, meaning that Riddlesdown residents can get on a train from Riddlesdown Station and travel from Riddlesdown to East Grinstead and then transfer onto the Bluebell Railway.  

Further information and update reports: Link to Bluebell Railway

Noisier Electric Trains Now Running through Riddlesdown- Updated 8/10/14

Some residents living by Riddlesdown station and close to the railway line to the north of the station may have noticed since about 12 August that the electric trains now running through Riddlesdown have a louder humming sound and are noisier. The RRA originally thought this maybe due to the electric trains in the 377 fleet, now running on the “regenerative braking system”. What this basically means is that the trains are now returning electricity back into the rail system when braking, allowing other trains to draw on that energy for power. However some residents have also told us they believe the diesel trains running to and from Uckfield are also noisier.

The RRA wrote to Southern Railway on 14 August, asking for clarification on this. We have now heard back on 26 September and again on 1 October and this is their response below. Southern Railway say that it is rail noise and not regenerative braking on their trains.

Southern’s Response 26 Sept

“Thank you for your recent emails to Southern in relation to the railway noise issue that you and other residents in Riddlesdown have experienced.

We are aware of a number of complaints being made by residents in the East Grinstead area regarding a recent increase in the noise of trains in the area, akin to a 'metallic' or 'grinding' sound. Unfortunately, this is nothing to do with the trains themselves but changes in the tracks, which are the responsibility of Network Rail. We therefore kindly advise that you contact Network Rail about this issue.”

RRA’s response 26/9/14

“There is no “metallic” or grinding” sounds at Riddlesdown from the track. This “grinding or metallic” noise doesn’t always occur from the diesel fleet that passes through here, from and to Uckfield, which of course don’t travel through East Grinstead! So in our view it is not a rail problem or a Network Rail problem.

The noise is an annoying deep hum from all the 377 electric fleet of trains only. It is worse on braking and acceleration into and out of Riddlesdown Station. It started on about 11 August.”

Southern’s Response 1/10/14 to RRA

“Thank you for your email of the 26 September 2014.

I should clarify that when Network Rail grind their rails, which they do to keep the railhead profile, they essentially make the rail head more curved so that less contact is made between the wheel and the track head.

This change of interface creates a difference in pitch. Absolutely no change has been made to our rolling stock, as our Fleet Engineer for Class 377 trains has confirmed. Your description of the sounds is similar to other reports received for the Oxted line and the Arun Valley specifically, where rail head grinding has been taking place.

It therefore remains our position that you will need to pursue the matter with Network Rail, as much as I apologise that you were not informed of this in the first instance.”

The RRA then took this up with Network Rail on 6 October.

Network Rail’s Response

Network Rail responded on 7 October. They did say they have indeed re-ground the rails, in early August. They said the effect will be that train noise on the rails reduces in the long term, but for the short term it will be noisier and it will be a different type of noise. They can’t give an exact timeline as to when it will get quieter but it will be a few months. Some residents do agree that the pitch of noise has altered since it was done in August and it is maybe a bit quieter. The RRA will keep monitoring this.

For a detailed explanation as the what “regenerative braking” is, click on this link to the  Railway people website.

Network Rail’s Report on regenerative braking


Updated 25/5/15

Local Bus Route and Frequency

Bus 412 (Arriva)

The 412 starts/ends at West Croydon Bus Station and travels along Wellesley Rd, Katharine Str, High Str, South End, Selsdon Rd, Upper Selsdon Rd, Addington Rd (stop for Selsdon), Rectory Park, Mitchley Ave, Downs Court Rd, Godstone Rd, & ends/starts at Brighton Rd, Purley Hospital.

Frequency Weekdays & Saturdays: Early; 20 mins, Peak; 15 mins, Daytime; 15 mins, Evenings; 20 mins, Late Evenings; 30 mins. Frequency Sundays; 30 mins.

To Plan a bus, train, tram, tube, bike or walking journey from Riddlesdown, follow this link to the Tfl website and insert “Riddlesdown” in the “From” box. Link

London Bus Route Maps Link

Tfl - Customer Services: 0343 222 1234 - Link

Arriva London Tel 0845 300 7000 (0800-2000 Monday to Friday)

Website: www.arrivalondon.com/

(Sources: Trains: Southern Railway; Buses: Transport for London (TfL).

Timetables are subject to change, so if in doubt, check with Tfl or the Operator(s). The RRA cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the above information.

Road Accident in Kenley 2/10/15 affecting 412 buses - Posted 3/10/15

An apology from Arriva buses about the 403 & 412 services, (received on Friday 2 October);

"I thought I would drop you a quick line as a courtesy as route 412 is currently experiencing disruption. At about 09.45 this morning (2/10/15) Godstone Road was closed in Kenley following a serious Road Traffic Collision.

The ‘usual’ diversion was implemented for all traffic – i.e. via Hillbury Road-Warlingham Green-Sanderstead Roundabout-Riddlesdown. As you can expect the extra traffic is having an impact on bus services 403 and 412, which are losing 10-20 minutes per journey at present.

Would you please be kind enough to pass on our apologies for this disruption to any of your members should they make comment."

Best wishes

Lee Davis (Arriva Buses)

Report from Croydon Advertiser

Payments on Public Transport


This is the advice from the East Surrey Transport Committee, which the RRA are represented on by John Rapp:

From 2 January 2015 there has been a complete change to the prices and validity of Travelcards and the Peak and Off-peak Oystercard capping. This applies to Riddlesdown which is in Zone 6.

Travelcard :

The Peak all zones one day Travelcard remains at £17 valid from 04.30 to 04.29 the next day.

The Off-peak one day Travelcard goes up from £8.90 to £12 (a 34% increase) valid from 09.30 Monday to Friday to 04.29 the next day or all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Oyster Capping :

The present peak and off-peak caps are being replaced with one cap at £11.70 valid from 04.30 to 04.29 the next day Monday to Sunday.

This will apply to Contactless card as well.

Last July London buses went cashless and you can only use a bus with a Travelcard, Oystercard or a contactless bankcard.

New Bus & Tram Pass :

A New one day Bus &Tram pass costing £5.00 valid from 04.30 to 04.29 the next day. They can now be purchased from railway stations in the zones & Tram ticket machines (a paper ticket). Also from and ticket shops (a one day Oystercard) on the day or in advance.

The East Surrey Transport Committee, which the RRA are a member of, have written to London Mayor Boris Johnson complaining about this rise of 34% for off peak Travelcards and 38% on the off-peak Oystercard. Letter

The best solution appears to be, instead of using Travelcards, is to use Oyster or Contactless Bank Card where the daily cap will be £11.70 for both peak and off peak travel.



All London Buses Are Now Cash Free. They will only accept Oyster cards or Contactless.

Since 16 September 2014 you'll also be able to use contactless as well on Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London.

Further details on this Tfl link

What is a contactless payment card?

Contactless payment cards are debit, credit, charge or pre-paid cards which can be used to make quick, easy and secure payments for everyday purchases under £20 (£30 later in 2015). There's no need for a PIN or a signature, just touch your card on a contactless card reader.

If you've got a contactless payment card but haven't used it yet, you might need to make a chip and PIN payment elsewhere before using it for contactless payments (including for travel).

The London Freedom Pass

This Pass is supplied by the London Councils (all the London Boroughs and City of London) to residents of London.

There are two types of Freedom Pass.

1. The Disabled Pass is available to anybody with a qualifying disability (see website for full list) who lives in a London Borough and is part of the National disability scheme.

2. The Pensioners Freedom Pass is available to residents of a London Borough who have reached the state pension age (until 2010 the qualifying age was 60). At present it is 61 but will rise to 62 in 2013 (see web site for details of eligibility).

Validity  London :

Outside London :

More information   http://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/services/freedom-pass

New 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme:

The Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that he will introduce a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1st November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a Freedom Pass. The pass will have the same validity as a Freedom Pass except that it will not be valid buses outside London except for London routes such as 166 and 405. Further details from the Tfl website  

More information on all Oyster Adult Discounts and Concessions from Tfl website

Transport Report - taken from The Recorder

April 2014 by John Rapp

Thank you to our commuters who helped to make Clare Williams, the Southern Manager of Riddlesdown Station, welcome when she visited for a Station Walk on 12th December.

This was an opportunity for Committee Members to show her areas of concern. The service had not been good for a few days before, and it was again bad on that day, and Clare took away improved knowledge of many passengers’ concerns.

East Croydon, Victoria, and London Bridge, our three main destination stations, continue to have a building site feel. While 2018 is the target year for completion of the works in the last two stations, I do not have a date for East Croydon’s completion, where improvement tasks start and end each month. The latest task is the installation of middle handrails for bridge stairs to platforms three and four & five and six, with measurements being taken on 2nd April. The other set of stairs, which is temporary and narrower, will not receive a centre handrail because it is planned that at some time in the future platforms one and two will be moved to give space (extra land need is secured) for two further platforms.

We continue to have dialogue regarding the 412 bus service with Transport for London (which arranges the provision of bus services using bus operators) and Arriva the operator of the 412 service. I am hoping to receive factual information - details of buses that did not arrive (times and dates) that I can collate and pass to TfL. Riddlesdown Collegiate is already aware of this need and if anyone  would like to help with that work, please contact me.

Transport Report - taken from The Recorder, April 2013 by John Rapp

A railway for leisure

At Riddlesdown Station we are looked after by Akil, Isaac, and Paul who provide an open ticket office from the first to the last train. Their good work, making travel from and to Riddlesdown Station more attractive, gave people more confidence to use the improved Saturday service from December 2011 with the previous four carriages twice an hour improved, giving a minority of trains still at four coaches, with most at six coaches and some in each direction at ten coaches, and far more pleasant journeys to and from Victoria.

More people are using the train for leisure, and not just the trains provided by Southern.

To the south of us is the Bluebell Railway (which lent its former Chesham Railway coaches for the 150 Years from the opening of the London Underground celebrations that took place in January). The Bluebell Railway has been an important leisure destination in Sussex for many years and its trains will serve East Grinstead from 23 March 2013. Reaching the Bluebell Railway by train is attractive and, subject to final clearance from Network Rail, our Sunday Service is (planned by Southern) to be improved from one an hour to two an hour between 09:41 and 20:41 northbound and between 09:47 to 22:47 southbound.

I have no information regarding the number of coaches on each train, but aware that Southern train crews have been heard to say that each hourly train should be eight coaches, I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised on 19th May 2013, when the timetable changes.

We have been mentioning, to Southern the station being unattractive due to the quantity of litter behind the fences so I am pleased to report on clearance of bottles and cans.

There is at the moment a tremendous amount of railway infrastructure work taking place at many locations, with the Coombe Road (Croydon) Bridge Works, from 7 January 2013 for twenty weeks, randomly impacting on the 412 Bus Service as other drivers seek to compensate for the partial closure of the bridge. This is being monitored.

Transport Report - taken from The Recorder, April 2012 by John Rapp

Since my last report there have been many improvements to the infrastructure of the bus and train services we enjoy. Essentially there have been no changes to frequencies – just many improvements to make our travel experiences better.

Buses The changes to the bus stops have been completed. The bus stops needed to deal with the change from a one to a two door access point - we now get on at the front and get off in the middle on the 412 route. The stop in Selsdon Road was highlighted to London Buses as it was on the street corner at the front of the bus. Passengers found themselves alighting in the middle of the road and therefore exposed to the traffic when the bus moved off. Having dealt with that problem, London Buses have attended to all the other stops, and we no longer find ourselves alighting or perhaps falling over onto a slippery grass verge. While not all bus stops are equipped with next bus announcement boards, they now all have a unique reference number on a plate mounted on the stop, so that mobile telephones can be used to ask when the next bus is expected to arrive. I have also been told that in March or April some of our older (and therefore less reliable buses) are to be replaced by newer buses.

Trains. There have been a number of background changes for our benefit which include: installation of conductor rail heating systems, the Riddlesdown Station ticket office staffed when trains are running (more staff time to clear snow and ice from the ramps from street to platform level), longer trains (which has been gratefully welcomed by our commuting residents), the announcement of an order being placed for 26 new five-coach trains (expected to be in service in December 2013), and Southern becoming more passenger and resident friendly. In this Olympic year patience will be needed, as London’s transport system is tested. My hope is that a lot of the extra capacity being provided will continue to be available after the Olympics.

Please support our good bus and train services by using them, and commenting (perhaps as a Committee Member) to the service providers. There is still pressure on further improvements which include the former Cinderella line between West Croydon and Wimbledon, which has become part of the successful Tramlink System (that last year ordered six new trams for delivery this year); the car park at Upper Warlingham Station – that is expected to be increased in size next year; and since the introduction of new diesel stock to Uckfield, a passenger journeys made increase from around 110,000 in 2004 to around 335,000 in the year to 31 March 2009. Only time will tell whether Sunday services will increase to half hourly (one from East Grinstead; one from Uckfield) on Sundays or if the line to Uckfield is electrified.


Godstone Rd (A22) & Brighton Rd Coulsdon (A23)

Posted 13/9/15

Residents who use the A22, Godstone Rd between the St James' Rd junction and the Secom building near the Harris Primary Kenley School (Roke), may have noticed the lack of central white lines on this recently resurfaced section of road – (see photos below from Google street view, before and after).

These central white lines have also not been replaced on the Brighton Rd, (A23) between the Old Lodge Lane junction and the Coulsdon By pass junction.

A number of local Residents Associations have taken this up with the local GLA Member and Tfl as we believe it maybe a safety issue. These central lines have also not been replaced at two other locations in London (Wickham Rd, Shirley & Seven Sisters Rd, Haringey). Tfl say these white lines have deliberately not been replaced, as they along with some other local authorities believe motorists travel slower because the white lines are not there. It is a trial. They are monitoring the number of accidents for a 3 year period at these locations.

Does anyone have a view on either replacing or not replacing these central white lines? Please e-mail the RRA with your comments either for or against.

SAFER HGV ZONE IN LONDON - Updated 13/9/15

New signs (above) have been erected on the boundaries of the safer Lorry scheme in London i.e. around the Croydon/Surrey border; which launched on 1st September 2015. The Police and the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) will enforce this scheme to have lorries fitted with mirrors and side guards. The scheme ensures that only lorries with basic safety equipment fitted will be allowed on London's roads. Under London's scheme, most vehicles that are currently exempt from national legislation for basic safety equipment will have to be retrofitted. This includes construction vehicles, which are involved in a disproportionate number of fatal collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians. All vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must comply.  Click here for more details on Tfl‘s website.

Resurfacing and drainage works on A22 - Updated 30/9/15

Surrey County Council are undertaking drainage and re-surfacing works on the A22 Godstone By pass until March 2016.

Godstone by-pass

Drainage works started on 14 September for eight weeks, however this may need to change depending on what they find during the investigations. Initial work is being undertaken to resolve standing water issues on the road and will also contribute to the long term resolution of the recurring depressions in the road. While the works take place, there will be lane closures to both carriageways, which will remain in place for the duration of the works.

Caterham by-pass

Resurfacing the A22 Caterham By-pass following the works to the Wapses Lodge roundabout. There will be lane and night time closures between 22 September and 20 October from 8pm to 6am.

For further information from SCC go to this link

Transforming Fiveways Croydon - Updated 18/3/15

Information from Tfl

Transport for London (TfL) have recently ended a consultation on two possible proposals to improve road capacity at the junction of the A23/A232 at Fiveways Croydon.

Please visit https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/fiveways-croydon to see details of the proposals. The deadline date for comments has now closed.

The two proposals are:

“Both proposals would change the road layout and the look of some streets in the area. Both would also improve facilities for other road users by providing new cycle lanes, more accessible pedestrian crossings and improving bus services. The proposals would help to meet a likely increase in traffic, caused by growth in the local economy and population, by reducing congestion and improving journey time reliability. We want to make the roads included in the scheme safer, more accessible and more pleasant for all road users.”

The RRA’s Submitted Comments

The Riddlesdown Residents’ Association (RRA) represent 1,400 households in the south of the Borough, close to Purley. Consequently most of our residents at some time, would usually travel along the A23, both north and south bound to avoid Croydon town centre, unless their journey is directly into the town centre.

The RRA’s view is that the information presented on the plans is poor. The graphics are poor, not detailed and in some cases, conflicting. If Tfl want to hold a public consultation exercise then should there not be detailed plans rather than just coloured routes of roads on a generic map?

It does also seem incredible to us that it appears there are still traffic lights in place on the Purley Way (A23) at both the Fiveways junction (Stafford Rd) and the junction with the A232 (Croydon Rd) and no bridge east/west, over either of these junctions. We believe the highest flow of traffic at these two junctions is on the Purley Way (A23), both north and south bound, yet it appears very little has been done to improve the traffic flows at these junctions for this directional flow of traffic! Surely this is a huge mistake if millions of pounds are going to be spent on redesigning these two junctions and improving traffic flows east to west and vice versa?

It does look from the sketchy details, as if the layout map for Proposal 1 contradicts the artist’s impression. The new ‘bridge’ is shown on the plan as carrying all traffic east -west at Duppas Hill Rd. Is this correct?

It is not clear as to how northbound traffic on the A23 is expected to head east into Croydon. Will it still use the existing Stafford Road junction, or have to turn right at the new A23/A232 junction options? In our view, delays will still occur here, as so much traffic will have to turn right at whichever proposal is selected.

Tfl have also not said what current traffic numbers are at these two junctions and what are the predicted traffic numbers when the new Westfield redevelopment is completed!

One of the biggest problems at Fiveways now (Stafford Rd) is the new Morrison’s supermarket development and the considerably increased traffic flows to and from this car park. Obviously the previous Homebase store had traffic flows which were considerably less. What plans are in place to improve this particular individual junction? We are of the view detailed traffic impact surveys were not undertaken by Tfl and Croydon Council when planning permission was granted for this new Morrison’s supermarket.

Surely Tfl need to go back to the drawing board and present more detailed plans for these two proposals for further public consultation?

The RRA would also hope that detailed investigations are also being looked at other “bottleneck” junctions on the A23, including Purley Cross and the Lombard roundabout? At this stage we cannot therefore comment as to whether Proposal 1 or 2 is our preferred option. We hope you supply more detailed proposals at the next public consultation?

Dartford Toll Crossing - A282 (M25) Updated 30/9/15

Toll Payment Methods Changed from 30 November 2014

From Sunday 30 November 2014 you are no longer able to pay for the Dartford Crossing at the barriers. This will change when a new scheme called Dart Charge is introduced.  Dart Charge replaces cash payments at toll booths and the DART-Tag. The authorities say that this will help reduce congestion at the crossing.

Instead of stopping at a barrier to pay the charge at a booth, drivers will need to pay remotely, away from the Crossing. There will be several ways to pay, including online, at one of many retail outlets including those with a Payzone terminal, or by phone.

You will be able to pay the charge before travelling if you know that your route takes you via the crossing or by midnight the following day if your use of the crossing was unplanned or you forgot to pay in advance.

Existing DART-Tag account holders

If you already have a DART-Tag account you won’t need to set up a new account. You can simply transfer to Dart Charge and keep your existing balance. You’ll receive personalised instructions shortly on how to do this. Make sure the contact details on your DART-Tag account are up-to-date so we send them to the right place.

Charges from 30 November 2014

Cars  £2.50 - If Dart Charge account opened then this is reduced to £1.67

2 axle goods  £3.00

Multi-axle goods £6.00

It will continue to be free to use the crossing between 22:00 and 06:00.

How to pay

The cheapest way to pay is using a pre pay account. This saves you up to a third on each crossing. Local residents will need a pre-pay account to access the local residents’ discount scheme.  You can top up your pre-pay account manually or set up automatic top-ups. You can register more than one vehicle to your account.

Alternatively once Dart Charge is in place you will be able to make one-off payments in advance or by midnight the day after crossing:


Enforcing the charge will be an important part of the Dart Charge scheme. Penalty charges and recovery processes will be used to tackle evasion.

Evasion is likely to involve both UK-registered and non-UK-registered vehicles. The automatic number plate recognition system will recognise non-UK vehicles and a European debt recovery agency will support the recovery of outstanding charges. This approach has proven successful with similar schemes such as the London congestion charge.

Failure to pay online or by phone by midnight of the following day will, when ‘free-flow’ goes live, result in a penalty charge of £35 if paid within 14 days, £70 up to 28 days and £105 thereafter.

Further details and how to set up a new account are on this Dart Charge link

New Type of Speed Camera on the M25 (October 2014)

The Highways Agency have introduced these HADECS 3 speed cameras on the M25 since May 2014, within their "SMART" motorway system (where the hard shoulder is now used). The other type, more usual on motorways; HADECS 2 cameras are mounted on overhead gantries above each lane on the motorway and are now operational on all parts of the M25.

The HADECS 3 cameras are on the side of the motorway and cover all 4 lanes (usually beside an overhead gantry). Principally they are to enforce the variable speed limits. However there are two in particular on the M25 about 2.5 miles after Clacket Services (anti clockwise) and like wise about 2.5 miles before Clacket on the clockwise section, which are flashing above the 70mph speed limit! Kent Police enforce these cameras on both sides of the motorway, east of Clacket Services.

There is another camera on the anticlockwise stretch about 2.5 miles before Clacket (and 2.5 miles after Clacket on the clockwise side) which is enforced by Surrey Police.

There are none of the white markings on the road to give any warning, as they are not required for this new type of camera. There are also reports of some motorists braking hard when seeing it flash for vehicles in front! They are also quite distracting at night when flashing on the opposite carriageway on this unlit section, as they flash across the motorway.

They are also on other parts of the M25, M1, M4, M11 and M6 in places and will be soon on the M3. Be warned!

Cashless Parking Comes to Croydon

“Hunting for coins at the side of the road will soon no longer be necessary for motorists across Croydon as cashless parking is introduced to on-street pay-and-display bays.

The Council has started rolling out the RingGo service, launched in its car parks a year ago, to the thousands of parking bays in Croydon’s streets. The roll-out is expected to be completed by 31 October. The service offers residents, shoppers and visitors a simple and efficient way of paying to park their cars.

A quick, easy-to-use mobile phone service, RingGo lets motorists pay for their parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash at a ticket machine. They need simply park their car, contact RingGo by smartphone app, telephone, SMS or online, and pay the parking charge via their phone.

Motorists can pre-register online by going to www.myRingGo.co.uk/register or by using the RingGo smartphone apps (downloadable either through handsets or from the relevant store). Pre-registering for the service will require the following information:

   • the vehicle’s make, registration number and colour; and

   • payment card details.

Alternatively, registration can occur at the time of parking, either by using the RingGo apps or by calling 020 3046 0010. Once registered, RingGo recognises the mobile phone number and retrieves the information previously provided. When paying, the motorist has only to state:

   • the location code – each area has its own individual four- or five-digit, clearly displayed location number;

   • the length of time they want to park; and

   • their payment card’s three-digit security code.

Motorists can, if they prefer, use the automated phone service when parking by calling the clearly displayed telephone number. RingGo will recognise the mobile phone number and ask the motorist to:

   • confirm the vehicle;

   • confirm the location; and

   • say how long they want to stay; and• provide their payment card’s security code.

Alternatively, the quick and easy RingGo “text to park” option can be used, allowing the nominated vehicle to park all day, simply by sending a message, containing their location’s code, to 81025.

With no ticket needed for display in the windscreen, civil enforcement officers will, with a simple check of registration plate details on an internet-connected handheld unit, be able to tell if a vehicle’s fee has been paid by mobile phone.

In Croydon, thousands of off-street parking sessions per month are currently paid by phone, and more than half (53%) of those are purchased via a smartphone app. App use is particularly popular as, once set up, it takes just seconds to pay. Motorists will still be able to use existing coin-based pay-and-display machines to pay for their parking if they prefer this payment option.”

Caterham Bourne

Update September 2014 - Leaflets After Flooding in Winter 2014 -

From Croydon Council

From Surrey County Council

Update 5/12/14

Croydon Council - Update 5/12/14 on increasing the size of Purley Oaks Depot Reservoir

Why is there flooding? The Caterham Bourne and the water table

The Caterham Bourne is located to the south of the borough running along the A22 corridor in Whyteleafe, Kenley & Purley Town Centre, then runs along the Brighton Rd to Waddon and into Broad Green Wards as it makes its way into Wandle Park and then into the River Wandle. Most of it is hidden in underground culverts but it is visible by Bourne Park in Kenley, in front of the Harris Primary Academy Kenley (formerly Roke School) and as the “pond” beside Purley Oaks Recycling Centre. This is the reason that sandbags have now been placed around this “pond” and a number of pumps are in operation there, to try and prevent flooding at this location because water levels are so high. The water is being pumped into the underground culvert that runs along the Brighton Rd towards Croydon.

An interesting history of the Caterham Bourne can be found on the “Bourne Society” website. It is titled “A celebration of the Bourne” (click on the next link at the bottom right side of each of their pages, to continue the story: Link

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