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For those residents who are not regular users of Riddlesdown Station - Southern do at times run trains with 9, 10, 11 or 12 carriages. To be sure of getting off at Riddlesdown, ensure you are in carriages 1 to 9, because these trains are longer than the platform and the doors on carriages 10, 11 and 12 will not open. Next stop is Upper Warlingham! Carriage 6 is usually by the exit at Riddlesdown on trains from London.

On trains from East Grinstead, it is usually carriage 4 by the exit.


Times below are from 21 May 2017 until 9 December 2017. Residents are advised to check and confirm times with Southern Railway or National Rail.

To East Croydon (EC), & London Victoria, (London Bridge (LB)):

Weekdays: 06.15(LB), 06.42(LB), 07.02, 07.11(LB), 07.35, 07.46(LB), 08.04, 08.18(LB), 08.37, 08.46(LB), 09.06, 09.36 then 06 and 36 mins past hour (except the 17.37) until 23.06 (Plus LB train at 18.46, EC only trains at 19.16, 19.46 & 20.16).

Saturdays (To Victoria only): 07.06, 07.36, and then 36 and 06 mins past hour until 23.06.

Sundays (To Victoria only) 08.49, 09.41, and then 11 and 41 mins past hour until 20.41, 21.41, 22.41, 23.38.

To London Bridge - No direct services Saturdays & Sundays.

From London Victoria to Riddlesdown:

Weekdays: 05.47, 06.24, 07.32, 08.53, 09.23, 09.54 and then 23 and 53 mins past hour until 22.23, 22.54 (Mon to Thurs) 22.53 (Fri only), 23.23, 23.47.

Saturdays: 06.23, 06.53 and then 23 and 53 mins past hour until 23.24 & 23.47.

Sundays: 07.47, 08.53, 09.23, 09.53, 10.23, 10.53 and then 23 & 53 mins past hour until 19.53, 20.53, 21.53, 22.36.

From London Bridge to Riddlesdown:

Weekdays: 07.03, 07.18, 07.50, 08.24, 17.13, 17.45, 18.17 & 18.47.

Saturdays & Sundays: No direct Services.

From East Croydon to Riddlesdown:

Weekdays: 06.06, 06.41, 07.17 (to Hurst Green), 07.34, 07.50, 08.09, 08.41, 09.11, 09.41, 10.11, then 41 and 10 mins past hour until 16.40, 17.10, 17.30, 17.42, 17.58, 18.11, 18.31, 18.43, 19.02, 19.11, 19.41, 20.10, 20.42, 21.10, then 41 mins and 10 mins past hour until 00.16.

Saturdays: 06.41, 07.10 then 41 & 10 mins past hour (except the 09.11) until 23.41 & 00.07.

Sundays: 08.10, 09.10, 09.40, & then 10 & 40 mins past hour (except the 11.11) until 21.11, 22.10, 22.57.

Major changes to late night trains from Victoria due to overnight engineering works from Monday 22 May 2017

The main change will be that no services from London Victoria will run between 00.06 and 04.24 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.

The last train from Victoria to East Croydon will be 00.05.

The following late night trains from Victoria are cancelled from Sunday night/ Monday morning to Thursday night/ Friday morning.

They will still run on Friday night/ Saturday morning and Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

00.14 Victoria to Clapham Junction, East Croydon, Purley Coulsdon South, Redhill and Gatwick Airport. Cancelled

00.16 Victoria all stations to East Croydon - Cancelled

00.42 Victoria all stations to East Croydon - Cancelled

The 01.00, 02.00, 03.00 & 04.00 Victoria to Clapham Junction, East Croydon, Purley and Gatwick Airport - Cancelled

The last connecting train from London Bridge is 00.12.

Some Thameslink services will also call at Purley during the night between midnight and 05.00

There will be a connecting bus from Clapham Junction to East Croydon at 00.21, 01.09, 02.09, 03.09 & 04.09.

These changes are expected to last until at least December 2017. During these hours, passengers will be able to use their Southern tickets on Thameslink services from London Blackfriars or St Pancras International to travel between central London, East Croydon and Gatwick Airport or Brighton.

Please check with National Rail enquiries, or Southern Railway or Tfl as on some nights due to Engineering works, these train might start from London Bridge .

Timetables are subject to change, so if in doubt, check with Southern Railway, Tfl or National Rail.

The RRA cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the above information.


The current Riddlesdown (Southern) train timetable
(Scroll down the list presented and click on the East Grinstead and Oxted to Croydon and London link.(No 18)

To check for Engineering Works on Southern

Southern Customer Services: Tel: 08451 272920


National Rail Enquiries: Tel: 08457 484950,


Delay Repay 15 - Updated 12/1/17

Regular Southern Rail commuters will probably be aware of this compensation announcement, but occasional users may not.

From Sunday 11 December 2016, customers on Southern will be able to claim Delay Repay if their train journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more instead of the current 30 minutes (except when delays are caused by planned engineering work). It might be a hassle but at least you can get a refund!

Under ‘Delay Repay 15’ passengers will be able to claim 25% of the cost of a single fare for journeys delayed between 15-29 minutes. This also includes key smart card, Oyster and contactless. Due to the current disruption caused by the ASLEF driver overtime ban Southern are operating a revised service. During this period, Delay Repay claims can be made against either the original or the current timetable in operation.

Find out more on this Southern link


Updated 5/1/15

Summary about redevelopment until 2018

December 2014 to January 2018 - Thameslink services between Bedford and Brighton through central London will be diverted away from London Bridge and will run via Herne Hill instead. There are plans to maintain an off-peak service between London Bridge station, Gatwick Airport and Brighton.

More details available on this London Bridge Team link or Tfl link or Thameslink Programme


From 23 March 2013, the privately owned and voluntarily run Bluebell Railway will be connected to the national rail system at East Grinstead, meaning that Riddlesdown residents can get on a train from Riddlesdown Station and travel from Riddlesdown to East Grinstead and then transfer onto the Bluebell Railway.  

Further information and update reports: Link to Bluebell Railway

‘Tornado’ Steam Train Passes Through Riddlesdown - September 2013


Local Bus Route and Frequency

Bus 412 (Arriva)

The 412 starts/ends at West Croydon Bus Station and travels along Wellesley Rd, Katharine Str, High Str, South End, Selsdon Rd, Upper Selsdon Rd, Addington Rd (stop for Selsdon), Rectory Park, Mitchley Ave, Downs Court Rd, Godstone Rd, & ends/starts at Brighton Rd, Purley Hospital.

Frequency Weekdays & Saturdays: Early; 20 mins, Peak; 15 mins, Daytime; 15 mins, Evenings; 20 mins, Late Evenings; 30 mins. Frequency Sundays; 30 mins.

To Plan a bus, train, tram, tube, bike or walking journey from Riddlesdown, follow this link to the Tfl website and insert “Riddlesdown” in the “From” box. Link

London Bus Route Maps Link

Tfl - Customer Services: 0343 222 1234 - Link

Arriva London Tel 0845 300 7000 (0800-2000 Monday to Friday)

Website: www.arrivalondon.com/

London Travelwatch - posted 11/6/16

The RRA have been made aware of the London Bus Users’ Online Community, an initiative set up last year by London TravelWatch that aims to give bus passengers a stronger voice. In view of the recent poor performance of our 412 bus service (or other routes), residents may want to voice their concerns?! If you want to find out more please follow this link.

(Sources: Trains: Southern Railway; Buses: Transport for London (TfL).

Timetables are subject to change, so if in doubt, check with Tfl or the Operator(s). The RRA cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the above information.

Payments on Public Transport



All London Buses Are Now Cash Free. They will only accept Oyster cards or Contactless.

Changes to train fares and Oyster/Contactless from 4 January 2016.

Oyster and contactless can now be used at stations from Riddlesdown (change at East Croydon), Purley and East Croydon to Gatwick airport (including Horley, Salfords, Earlswood, Redhill and Merstham) as well as within virtually all stations in London. Further details on this Tfl link

However groups of three or more people travelling together may still find it cheaper to buy a paper ticket. Accompanied children under the age of 11 can now travel free on National Rail in the zones as they do on the buses and Underground. Unaccompanied children will still need to have an appropriate Oystercard or buy a paper ticket. Tfl link

Other children can also travel free and others at a discount with an Oyster Zip card. For information on how to apply for an Oyster Zip card for children Tfl link

Since 16 September 2014 you'll also be able to use contactless as well on Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London. Further details on this Tfl link

The London Freedom Pass

This Pass is supplied by the London Councils (all the London Boroughs and City of London) to residents of London.

There are two types of Freedom Pass.

1. The Disabled Pass is available to anybody with a qualifying disability (see website for full list) who lives in a London Borough and is part of the National disability scheme.

2. The Older Persons Freedom Pass is available to residents of a London Borough who have reached the state pension age.

Validity  London :

More information and how to apply;

60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme:

The former London Mayor, Boris Johnson, introduced a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1 November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a London Freedom Pass. The pass will have the same validity as a Freedom Pass. Further details from the Tfl website  

More information on all Oyster Adult Discounts and Concessions from Tfl website


Proposed 20 mph speed limits in Croydon (Area 5)

Updated 30/4/17

It seems that the Officers and Councillors at Croydon Council are determined in pushing through their 20 mph scheme for the whole of Croydon (excluding all Class A roads and many Class B roads), despite many objections. Officers are recommending approval in their report to Councillors. They are also suggesting that a number of other roads remain at 30 mph, like Mitchley Hill, Purley Downs Rd, Riddlesdown Rd and Borrowdale Drive in our area (see list of roads on the link below to remain at 30mph). This could be extremely confusing for motorists, cyclists (and pedestrians)! Quite why Borrowdale Drive is included, is also unclear.

In total, 3,357 people objected, (with 103 in favour) and in a combined total, there were 18,862 objections with the various reasons why the scheme shouldn't be implemented for Areas 3,4 & 5. Of course, the “in favour vote” was low because the Council said it was a presumption in favour of the scheme, unless they received many objections. However, they would not say how many they would accept as to the number of objections.

The Council's Traffic Management & Advisory meeting is on Tuesday 9 May at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, The Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon. This is a public meeting and anyone can attend.

No mention is made in the report about the way the consultation process was undertaken, with residents unable to either support or object to the scheme; i.e a vote, which the seven southern RAs had raised, and also no mention is made of Councillor objections.

The Committee papers are on this link. Scroll down to Item 7.

Update 16/2/17

Consultation Closed on 15 February 2017

Most Riddlesdown’s residents should have received Croydon Council’s “pamphlet” regarding proposed 20 mph speed limits for our South West Croydon area (Area 5). The Council are also consulting about 20 mph areas for two other areas as well; Area 3 (north west), and Area 4 (south east).

The Council have already consulted on two areas in the north of the Borough (north and north east; areas 1 & 2) and by a very slim majority (52%), the proposal was accepted and 20 mph speed limits are now in force in street in the north area and will be in force, in the north east by April 2017; but not on main roads (Class A & B). The response from the residents in these two areas was extremely low!


In order to speed up the process and before the next elections in May 2018, the Council have now said they will now shorten the consultation process and will consult the remainder of the Borough from 18 January 2017. These areas will not have any physical measures to slow traffic down, only 20 mph signs, spaced at arbitrary distances on street furniture. These 20 mph areas will differ to the current 20 mph zones. Zones only need a 20 mph signs on entry and have no repeater signs. However, they have physical speed restrictions measures, like speed humps and chicanes etc.

Unlike the first two areas in the north and north east, where the residents were given the opportunity to vote “Yes” or “No” – the three remaining areas in the Borough will only have the opportunity to respond and object to the blanket 20 mph limit. Therefore, if you are against the blanket 20 mph limit, you must follow the Council guidelines in the leaflet to register your opinion. Despite protests from a number of Residents’ Associations, the Council has denied residents in the south of the borough the option to vote “Yes” or “No”. Instead, the three areas in the south will have 4 weeks to respond to object to the blanket 20 mph limit – unlike the two areas in the north of the borough where the residents had a 6 week consultancy process, followed by a 4 week period to vote “Yes” or “No” to the proposal. The RAs in the south are still in correspondence with the Council about the change and method of consultation half way through the process.

The scheme for Area 5, is a presumption in favour of the scheme, and if you do nothing, you will be deemed to have approved of the introduction of the 20 mph limit! If you also object about the proposals for Areas 3 & 4, you will have to submit separate objections to these two areas as well.

There are very conflicting views on the benefits and problems with 20 mph area and it will probably cause heated debate and we should accept that different people have different views and priorities. The Council won’t commit themselves as to the number of objectors, and how many people have to object, if they consider that the scheme has been rejected in each area! All they are saying at the moment, is that it will be considered at Traffic Management Advisory Committee and then referred to Cllr Stuart King, the Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment.


To introduce the 20 mph blanket limit in all five areas, it will cost the Council £1.5m if the scheme is introduced. However Tfl are funding the cost, although Croydon residents still pay for this through their Council tax.


It does however remain to be seen how extensively it will be enforced by the Police, who are the only Service that can prosecute motorists for speeding. At the moment you rarely see any Police enforcement in the current 30 mph residential side streets, so we perhaps need to ask; what are the chances they will police this new limit? It is generally agreed that 20 mph should be in force near schools (when children are present). But is it really practicable for all our streets especially with the many steep hills in our area, where most vehicles won’t get out of 2nd gear and will create more engine noise and possibly more air pollution (e.g. Coombe Wood Hill, St James Rd, Copthorne Rise)?!

Information about road statistics from Crashmap, since 1999, can be found on this link; and type in “Purley” or “Sanderstead” in the location. This provides very useful information and the vast majority of accidents and serious injuries in Riddlesdown since 1999, are on the roads that will remain at 30 (or 40) mph!

When the Council announced plans for the 20 mph limit in 2015, the press release then said, ”Extensive 20 mph limits reduce the risk of accidents, cut congestion and pollution levels, encourage less car use and discourage rat-running in quieter streets.” The Croydon Labour administration now, in addition, say the main aims of the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit in an area are to:

More information is on the Croydon Council’s website

There is also a FAQ’s page

This page is the consultation material and map for Area 5.

Mitchley Ave/Rectory Park - Accidents

Update 2/5/17

Yet again there has been another accident on the bend of Rectory Park/Mitchley Ave on Sunday evening (30/4/17), when the road was again wet (red car in photo)!

We are told this is now the 5th accident in this vicinity since November 2016. Three accidents have been in the wet, with motorists coming down the hill and losing control on the bend. Two accidents have occurred on Mitchley Ave going towards the hill in Rectory Park because of parked vehicles near the bend (silver car in photo is one accident). Accidents close to the bend also seem to be happening more regularly because of parked vehicles on Mitchley Ave.

The RRA have had a lot of e-mail correspondence with the Council Officers and the Labour Cabinet Member for Highways since last November but the Council are not prepared to put in, an anti skid surface, armco crash barrier, vehicle activated electronic “Slow down” signs etc, before the bend, etc, as requested by the RRA. The Council believe the white dragons teeth markings and other signage, chevrons and centre cross hatching they have laid previously, are sufficient!

The RRA have written to the Council again after this latest accident, to highlight the serious issues here (there have been numerous accidents on this bend and closeby over the years) and we hope they will do more road safety works soon, before a motorist, passenger, or a pedestrian is killed. Cllr Tim Pollard (Sanderstead Ward Cllr) has also now raised a Council question (2/5/17) about the safety on this bend with Transport Cabinet Member, Cllr Stuart King and asking him to intervene.

The Council have also told us they have not managed to secure funding from Tfl to resurface both Mitchley Ave and Rectory Park this year. So we are going to have to put up with all the ruts and rough road surfaces on these two stretches of road!!!

Photos below courtesy of Veronica Roadnight.

Update 24/11/16

Yet another road traffic collision occurred on 16 November at 6.30am, in Mitchley Ave on the bend with Rectory Park

It was raining again at the time and most incidents seem to occur here, when raining. Yet again a vehicle has come down the hill of Rectory Park and lost control on the exit and taken out the lamp column (for the second time in 3 months) by the woodland about 75 metres after the bend.

Photograph above courtesy of Helen Leonard

Following this latest accident, the RRA have had extensive correspondence with two Council Officers since (copying in local Councillors and Cllr Stuart King the Labour Cabinet member responsible for Transport and Environment and Riddlesdown Collegiate). Cllr King has responded that he will take this up with the Director of Streets at his next briefing with him.

The RRA made a number of suggestions to Officers, which included improving the road signage, laying an anti skid road surface just before, on the bend and just after, installing an Armco barrier to protect pedestrians and additional chevron boards. Repositioning the lamp column damaged twice now, and additional road markings were another request. We also pointed about a number of other road defects locally.

The Council Officers have rejected virtually all our suggestions! They did say they have made a number of additional safety measures at this bend over the years.

However, Officers have said they will look to install another “SLOW” road marking just before the bend, and installing white marked dragons teeth on the road, to highlight the danger ahead, look at the signage, and check on the condition of the road markings. Something, but overall not a good result and the RRA will keep pressing the Council on this. In the meantime, if any other further incidents occur here, please post it on our Facebook page and with photos if possible (or e-mail us ) and we will refer them to the Council again.

Regarding the speed camera further along in Mitchley Ave (near the shops) we have been told this is to be replaced soon. Safety cameras are controlled and maintained by the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP), which is made up of Transport for London (TfL), the Metropolitan Police and Her Majesty’s Courts Service (HMCS). The LSCP have informed Officers that the safety (speed) camera was removed following damage caused by vandalism, as well as all the road speed sensors being removed when the section of road by the camera was re-surfaced a few years ago. The Council have no control over these cameras.

Godstone Rd (A22) & Brighton Rd Coulsdon (A23)

Posted 13/9/15

For those who use the A22, Godstone Rd between the St James' Rd junction and the Secom building near the Harris Primary Kenley School (Roke), you may have noticed the lack of central white lines on this recently resurfaced section of road – (see photos below from Google street view, before and after).

These central white lines have also not been replaced on the Brighton Rd, (A23) between the Old Lodge Lane junction and the Coulsdon By pass junction.

A number of local Residents Associations have taken this up with the local GLA Member and Tfl as we believe it maybe a safety issue. These central lines have also not been replaced at two other locations in London (Wickham Rd, Shirley & Seven Sisters Rd, Haringey). Tfl say these white lines have deliberately not been replaced, as they along with some other local authorities believe motorists travel slower because the white lines are not there. It is a trial. They are monitoring the number of accidents for a 3 year period at these locations.

Does anyone have a view on either replacing or not replacing these central white lines? Please e-mail the RRA with your comments either for or against.

New Type of Speed Camera on the M25 (October 2014)

The Highways Agency have introduced these HADECS 3 speed cameras on the M25 since May 2014, within their "SMART" motorway system (where the hard shoulder is now used). The other type, more usual on motorways; HADECS 2 cameras are mounted on overhead gantries above each lane on the motorway and are now operational on all parts of the M25.

The HADECS 3 cameras are on the side of the motorway and cover all 4 lanes (usually beside an overhead gantry). Principally they are to enforce the variable speed limits. However there are two in particular on the M25 about 2.5 miles after Clacket Services (anti clockwise) and like wise about 2.5 miles before Clacket on the clockwise section, which are flashing above the 70mph speed limit! Kent Police enforce these cameras on both sides of the motorway, east of Clacket Services.

There is another camera on the anticlockwise stretch about 2.5 miles before Clacket (and 2.5 miles after Clacket on the clockwise side) which is enforced by Surrey Police.

There are none of the white markings on the road to give any warning, as they are not required for this new type of camera. There are also reports of some motorists braking hard when seeing it flash for vehicles in front! They are also quite distracting at night when flashing on the opposite carriageway on this unlit section, as they flash across the motorway.

They are also now on other parts of the M25, M1, M4, M11 and M6 in places and will be soon on the M3. Be warned!  Post Note 2017 - most of these speed cameras are now painted yellow.

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